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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Polyporales
Family: Polyporaceae

General Description:

widely distributed in Northern and north central areas


On the wood of broadleaf trees often birches and beech.


Preparation for Fabric (Amadou):

According to one Salmasius, a French scholar from the 16th century. the conks are first boiled, then beaten to pieces in a mortar, next hammered out to deprive is of its woody fibers, and, after being steeped in a strong solution of nitrate of potash, dried in the sun.

Patterson, Flora W. “Some Woody Fungi.” Asa Gray Bulletin 8.1.36 (1900): 13-19. Print

Preparation for Tinder:

Tinder fungus tutorial (Bushcraft UK)

There are a few ways of manufacturing tinder (amadou) from the Fomes Fomentarius this is but one. Many would-be alchemists will add in all sorts of things, urine, saltpetre etc try this yourself as it’s all about experimentation.

You will find this hoof fungi growing on birch.

Once gathered you need to strip out the layer between the outer case and the woody pores, the remains can be added to the fire so as not to waste it.

Add in some hardwood ash and boil up for around 24 hours on the camp fire. You then can get on with other projects.

This is what you will end up with.

Place on log and flatten with wooden baton.

Flattened out trama layer.

It will then resemble slithers of jerky beef. Leave to dry.

Once dry it resembles chamois leather.

Fluff up surface with flint.

Strike with steel in a downward direction with the tinder on top of the flint.

You now have a smouldering ember for the production of fire.

Many thanks to Patrick of Backwoods Survival School for supplying this article.
Copyright ©2003-2005 Bushcraft UK

Used to make caps and purses.


Common Names:

English: Tinder Fungus, Hoof Fungus, Tinder Conk, Tinder Polypore, Ice Man Fungus, Fungus Chirurgorum, Surgeon’s Agaric, Agaricus chirurgorum, Boletus chirurgorum, Spunk, Touchwood, Tinder
German: Zunderschwamm
French: Amadouvier
Romanian: Iască
Hungarian: Bükkfatapló
Finnish: Taulakääpä
Norwegian: Knuskkjuke
Japanese: ツリガネタケ (Tsuriganetake)
Chinese: 木蹄層孔菌

Current Name:
Fomes fomentarius (L.) J.J. Kickx, Fl. Crypt. Flandres 2: 237 (1867)

Agaricus fomentarius (L.) Lam., Encycl. Méth. Bot. (Paris) 1(1): 50 (1783)
Boletus fomentarius L., Sp. pl. 2: 1176 (1753)
Elfvingia fomentaria (L.) Murrill, Bull. Torrey bot. Club 30(5): 298 (1903)
Elfvingiella fomentaria (L.) Murrill, North. Polyp. (1914)
Ochroporus fomentarius (L.) J. Schröt., in Cohn, Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien (Breslau) 3.1(25–32): 486 (1888) 1889
Placodes fomentarius (L.) Quél., Enchir. fung. (Paris): 171 (1886)
Polyporus fomentarius (L.) Fr., Syst. mycol. (Lundae) 1: 374 (1821)
Pyropolyporus fomentarius (L.) Teng, Chung-kuo Ti Chen-chun, [Fungi of China]: 763 (1963)
Scindalma fomentarium (L.) Kuntze, Revis. gen. pl. (Leipzig) 3: 1-576 (1898)
Ungulina fomentaria (L.) Pat., Essai Tax. Hyménomyc. (Lons-le-Saunier): 102 (1900)

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