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Name: Aleuria aurantia (Pers.) Fuckel
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Pezizomycetes
Order: Pezizales
Family: Pyrenomycetaceae

General Description:

Orange cups to nearly flat. Underside whitish and pubescent. Thin fleshed and brittle Up to 10 cm, but often smaller. No stipe.

Diagnostic Description:

Aleuria rhenana has a stipe. Caloscypha fulgens bruises greenish.


Widely distributed in North America and Europe.


On soil often in disturbed areas along logging roads, trails etc.

Look Alikes:

Aleuria rhenana, Caloscypha fulgens




Current Name:
Aleuria aurantia (Pers.) Fuckel, Jb. nassau. Ver. Naturk. 23-24: 325 (1870) [1869-70]

Helvella coccinea Bolton, Hist. fung. Halifax (Huddersfield) 3: 100, pl. 100 (1790) 1789
Peziza aurantia Pers., Observ. mycol. (Lipsiae) 2: 76 (1800) 1799
Peziza aurantia f. minor Cooke, Grevillea 8(no. 46): 61 (1879)
Peziza aurantia var. stipitata W. Phillips, Man. Brit. Discomyc. (London): 57 (1887)
Peziza coccinea Huds., Fl. Angl., Edn 2: 636 (1778)
Scodellina aurantia (Pers.) Gray

Synonymy Contributor(s):
IMI (2004)

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