Public Description of Tylopilus rubrobrunneus Mazzer & A.H. Sm.

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Name: Tylopilus rubrobrunneus Mazzer & A.H. Sm.
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 Draft For Boletales By Chaelthomas (Private)

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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Boletales
Family: Boletaceae

General Description:
Diagnostic Description:

Bitter taste, olivaceous stains on the stipe, habitat under oak

Widely distributed east of the Rocky Mountains


Woods and lawns under Quercus and other deciduous trees

Look Alikes:

Tylopilus species




Tylopilus rubrobrunneus Mazzer & A.H. Sm., (1968)

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