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Name: Paragyrodon sphaerosporus (Peck) Singer
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Taxonomic Classification:

Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Boletales
Family: Paxillaceae

General Description:

Cap: 4-20 cm; convex becoming broadly convex or flat; sticky or slimy; smooth; yellowish at first, becoming brown; bruising dark brown; sometimes with partial veil remnants on the margin.

Pore Surface: Attached to the stem or beginning to run down it; yellow, becoming brownish with age; bruising promptly and strongly brown; pores angular, about 1 per mm, not radially arranged; tubes about 1 cm deep.

Stem: 4-10 cm long; 1-3 cm thick; more or less equal; fairly smooth near the apex; partial veil whitish to yellowish, attached near the base of the stem and eventually collapsing against it to form a sheathing ring; white to yellowish; bruising brown.

Flesh: White to yellowish; staining brown on exposure.

Odor and Taste: Not distinctive.

Chemical Reactions: Not recorded. On dried specimens I received red to pinkish reactions from all surfaces with the application of KOH; negative reactions with ammonia; and grayish reactions with iron salts. While distinctive, these reactions are not necessarily reflective of reactions that might be demonstrated on living material.

Spore Print: Dark yellowish brown.

Microscopic Features: Spores 6-9 × 6-8 µ; smooth; subglobose. Pleurocystidia 20-32 × 8-12 µ; fusoid-ventricose.

Diagnostic Description:

The partial veil of this species is very tough and has a tenacious attachment to the stipe and cap margin.


Great Lakes states and westward, Most common in Mich., Minn. and Wisconsin.


Under oaks, often in lawns




Kuo, M. (2011, April). Paragyrodon sphaerosporus. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.Com Web site:


Paragyrodon sphaerosporus (Peck) Singer, Annls mycol. 40(1/2): 25 (1942)

Boletus sphaerosporus Peck 1885

Citations in published lists or literature:
Index of Fungi 1: 70

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