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Geastrum saccatum Fr.:

Gasterocarp larger than above: 30-60 mm wide x 15-25 mm height.
Exoperidium splitting to the middle or more, forming 6-8 rays, narrow to truncate rays, splitting at the tips often. Rays saccate, or revolute with rays rolling under the gasterocarp, occasionally having some revolute rays and others involute.
Mycelial layer thin, persistent, membranous, not encrusted with debris or very lightly so. Pseudoparenchymatous layer becomming dark brown from pallid or grayish orange. thin. peristent, rarely forming a collar (as seen in G. triplex).
Endoperidial body 15-30mm wide x 5-10mm height, including peristome. sessile, globose, depressed golobose to broadly ovate.
Apophysis absent. Stalk absent
Peristome finely fibrillose, distinct with a distinct ridge & up to 2 mm in height.
Gleba dark brown & cottony.
SPORES: larger than fimbriatum: (4.0) 4.8/5.6u – (4.0) 4.8/5.6u, verrucose with truncate verrucae, central oil drop present, pedicel again rudimentary and difficult to discern from verrucae.
Sterigmal remnants absent from water mounts (is often the case with this group, but is present in some Vascellum).
EUCAPILL: “geastrum” type, 4.0-9.6u wide, thick walled, lightly encrusted, unbranched, or occasionally short, rudimentary branches. Threads straight, occasionally subundulate, attenuate at the tips, lacking pores, aseptate, elastic. Spaerocysts absent in endoperidial tissue.

(Bates 2004)

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