Public Description of Reticularia lycoperdon Bull.

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Name: Reticularia lycoperdon Bull.
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Protozoa
Phylum: Amoebozoa
Class: Myxogastrea
Order: Liceida
Family: Tubiferaceae

General Description:

DESCRIPTION: Aethalium pulvinate or subglobose, 5 mm. to 8 cm. diam., brownish copper-colored, or enclosed in a thin, smooth, silvery cortex, seated on a welldeveloped hypothallus
HYPOTHALLUS: of interwoven, membranous strands.
PSEUDOCAPILLITIUM: consisting of persistent portions of the sporangial walls, forming irregular branching strands arising from the hypothallus, dividing above into numerous, slender, flattened and flexuose rusty brown threads.
SPORES: Free or adhering loosely in large clusters, somewhat turbinate from the clustering, rusty brown, thickened and closely reticulate on the rounded or exposed surface, the remaining part marked with scattered warts, 6-10 µm in diameter.
PLASMODIUM: Cream-white
HABITAT: On dead wood.

Taken from:

Aethalia irregularly pulvinate, usually rather large: 2-8 cm or more in diam. Cortex smooth inside. Spores subglobose or ovoid, pale reddish, 8-9(-13) µm diam., banded-reticulate with a smooth area.

Taken from:

Description author: Thomas Laxton (Request Authorship Credit)