Public Description of Leocarpus fragilis (Dicks.) Rostaf.

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Name: Leocarpus fragilis (Dicks.) Rostaf.
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 Draft For 2008/2009 Eol University Species Pages Initiative By Sharonlee (Private)

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Taxonomic Classification:

Kingdom: Amoebozoa
Phylum: Mycetozoa
Class: Myxogastria
Order: Physarida
Family: Physaridae

General Description:

SPORANGIA: clustered, obovoid, rarely globose, 2 to 4 mm. long, sta lked or occasionally sessile, smooth, yellowish brown, chestnut or purplish brown, shining, sometimes dehiscing in revolute lobes; outer layer of the sporangial wall cartilaginous, brittle, orange-brown, usually with dense deposits of lime-granules on the inner side; inner layer a firm, hyaline membrane, giving attachment to the capillitium.
STALK: short, or as long as the sporangium, weak, yellowish, translucent, rising from a membranous hypothallus.
CAPILLITIUM: a network of rigid, hyaline threads with flattened expansions at the axils, connected with angular, branching, and anastomosing, yellowish or brownish lime nodes.
SPORES: more or less spinulose, very variable in size but usually 10-14 µm diam., sometimes slightly clustered, dark purplish brown or paler, with a pale area of dehiscence.
PLASMODIUM: lemon, then orange-yellow.
HABITAT: on dead leaves, twigs, etc. and ground wood.

Taken from:

Sporocarps short-stalked, crowded in clusters. Sporothecae ellipsoid to subglobose, up to 4 mm long and 0.6-1.6 mm diam., shining chestnut-brown, paler when freshly developed. Hypothallus pale ochraceous, confluent and merging into the stalks. Stalk flat, weak, pale ochraceous to pale orange. Dehiscence into lobes, sometimes petaloid. Capillitium reticulate, duplex, consisting of a network of pale, slender, branching, limeless threads mixed with broad, yellow tubules with expansions, filled with calcareous granules, occasionally massed in the centre to form a pseudocolumella. Spore-mass dark brown to nearly black. Spores brown, 12-18 µm diam., paler on one side, verruculose. Plasmodium yellow.

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