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Look Alikes:

Slippery Jill. has a thiner and longer stem


A great culinary delight! – should not be washed!
harvest in its prime. Be sure to remove the tubes/gills from under the cap with a small spoon. Spreading the tubes around the ground or in your garden may encourage future growth.

As the substrate dries the moisture in the cap is gradually lost, as this happens it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the tubes with out tearing out the flesh.

Along with the tubes you will want to remove the top outer skin of the cap; this part is believed to cause indigestion. Once the skin/pelicle of the cap has been removed, they should be laid on paper towel with no individual mushrooms touching each other. If the mushrooms are touching, the contact points of the flesh will quickly turn black, however with good circulation they will dry and develop a nice dull brown colour.

scrape the stipe with a pairing knife just to remove the thin layer of dirt around the stem

preparing as mentioned above and storing at room temperature on paper towel will allow your mushrooms to keep up to a week or more. take care to change out the paper towel when damp and rotate mushrooms to allow for even drying. one can quarter or slice their mushrooms after cleaning or before cooking.

in an extremely hot saute pan, add a touch of oil. add enough mushrooms to just barely cover the bottom of the pan… crowding will cause the mushrooms to steam, this is not good. continue to cook and saute on all sides. Remove the mushrooms to a clean paper towel and season with salt
the method described above is a great way to prepare mushrooms while preserving the individual flavour profile of the individual species.

with the Slippery Jacks one can really identify the sweetness and buttery tropical notes.

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