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Name: Sarcosphaera coronaria (Jacq.) J. Schröt.
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 Draft For Macrofungi Of The Pacific Northwest By Chaelthomas (Private)

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Taxonomic Classification:

Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Pezizomycetes
Order: Pezizales
Family: Pezizaceae

General Description:

Fruiting Body: Bowl-shaped, ball-like, or goblet-shaped when young, with a small opening near the top; usually splitting into “rays” by maturity and folding back to be star-shaped or saucer-shaped; up to 20 cm across when mature; upper/inner surface whitish becoming lilac to pale lilac brown, smooth or finely scaly; lower/outer surface whitish, roughened (and covered with dirt), sometimes bruising yellowish; stem rudimentary or absent; flesh brittle, whitish.3

Microscopic Features:Spores 14-22 × 7-9 µ; elliptical with blunt ends; with 1-3 oil droplets (most commonly with 2); smooth or slightly roughened. Paraphyses cylindric, with rounded apices. Asci with blue tips in IKI or Melzer’s reagent; 8-spored; 300-360 × 10-13 µ.3


Europe, Mediterranean region, North America.1 5 In North America: Common from the Rocky Mountains westward but reported in Michigan and New York.3


Mycorrhizal with conifers3, under hardwoods or conifers1; growing alone or (more commonly) in clusters, partially submerged in the ground; spring, summer, or fall.


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Current Name:
Sarcosphaera coronaria (Jacq.) J. Schröt., in Cohn, Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien (Breslau) 3.2(1–2): 49 (1893) [1908]

Aleuria eximia (Durieu & Lév.) Gillet, (1879)
Peziza coronaria Jacq., Miscell. austriac. 1: 140 (1778)
Peziza coronaria Jacq., Miscell. austriac. 1: 140 (1778) var. coronaria
Peziza coronaria var. macrocalyx (Riess) Sacc., Syll. fung. (Abellini) 8: 81 (1889)
Peziza crassa Santi
Peziza eximia Durieu & Lév., in Durieu, Expl. Sci. Alg. 1: tab. 28: 9 (1848)
Peziza macrocalyx Riess, in Fresenius, Beitr. Mykol. 2: 75 (1852)

Pustularia coronaria (Jacq.) Rehm, in Winter, Rabenh. Krypt.-Fl., Edn 2 (Leipzig) 1.3(lief. 43): 1020 (1894) [1896]
Pustularia coronaria (Jacq.) Rehm, in Winter, Rabenh. Krypt.-Fl., Edn 2 (Leipzig) 1.3(lief. 43): 1020 (1894) [1896] var. coronaria
Pustularia macrocalyx (Riess) Hazsl.
Sarcosphaera coronaria (Jacq.) J. Schröt., in Cohn, Krypt.-Fl. Schlesien (Breslau) 3.2(1–2): 49 (1893) [1908] var. coronaria
Sarcosphaera coronaria var. nivea (M.M. Moser) Péric. & Courtec., Docums Mycol. 30(no. 120): 6 (2001)
Sarcosphaera crassa (Santi) Pouzar, Česká Mykol. 26(1): 35 (1972)
Sarcosphaera eximia (Durieu & Lév.) Maire, (1917)
Sarcosphaera eximia (Durieu & Lév.) Maire, (1917) var. eximia
Sarcosphaera eximia var. nivea M.M. Moser, Ber. naturw.-med. Ver. Innsbruck 53: 139 (1963) [1959-63]
Sarcosphaera macrocalyx (Riess) Fuckel, (1870)
Sepultaria coronaria (Jacq.) Massee

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