Public Description of Psilocybe angustispora A.H. Sm.

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Name: Psilocybe angustispora A.H. Sm.
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Very small mushrooms. Found on dung pellets (of elk and marmot) during spring, summer, and fall in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. The type collection was discovered at Lake Mills on July 9, 1939. Grows solitary or in small groups.

Pileus is 2-6 mm wide and very sharply conic-shaped to conic companulate. Stem is 10-20 mm long and 0.5 mm thick. Spores are long and narrow, ranging from 12-15 × 5-6.5 microns. No pleurocystidia observed. Cheilocystidia abundant, hyaline, aciculate to sub-aciculate.

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