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Name: Leotia lubrica (Scop.) Pers.
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 Draft For Wild Mushrooms Of The Northeastern United States By Erlon (Private)

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Taxonomic Classification:

Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Ascomycetes
Order: Helotiales
Family: Leotiaceae

General Description:

Cap: 1-4 cm; variable in shape but more or less convex; convoluted; bald; with a smooth or slightly wrinkled surface; sticky or slimy when fresh, but sometimes drying out; the margin inrolled; buff, brownish yellow, yellow, or olive—not infrequently turning dark green to nearly black with age; undersurface bald and pale.

Stem: 2-8 cm long; up to 1 cm wide; bald; often adorned with tiny pale flakes; more or less equal; sticky or slimy when fresh; colored like the cap or paler; slowly bruising dark green where damaged; hollow or filled with gelatinous material.

Flesh: Gelatinous when fresh.

Odor: None.

Spores 16-25 × 4-6 µ; narrowly ellipsoid to subfusiform; smooth; often curved; becoming septate, with 3-7 septa at maturity. Asci 8-spored. Paraphyses filiform; often forked; apices subclavate to irregularly swollen; 1-2 µ wide.

widely distributed in North America


Saprobic; growing gregariously under hardwoods or conifers (often in moss); occasionally found on rotting wood; late spring through fall, over winter in warm climates


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Current Name:
Leotia lubrica (Scop.) Pers., Comm. fung. clav. (Lipsiae): 31 (1797)

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