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Name: Crepidotus cesatii (Radenh.) Sacc.
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Taxonomic Classification:

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Crepidotaceae

General Description:

Sessile on wood, surface white with fine fibrous white hyphae, non-hygrophanous. Gills radiating out from attachment to wood, light tan when young, orangy-medium tan when mature.

Microscopically indentified by echinulate (finely spiny) light brown spores, that are ellipsoid ~6-8 x ~4-5 um in size. Cheilocystidia are thick and contorted, sometimes branched. Lacking pleurocytidia. Surface hyphae hyaline, clamped, interwoven, and lacking gelatin.

Look Alikes:

Similar to C. applanatus, except that taxon is hygrophanous, gills turn deeper brown in age, and spores are smaller and globose (4-5×4-5 um).


“North American Species of Crepidotus”, L. R. Hesler, A. H. Smith, 1965, #110.

“Il Genere Crepidotus in Europa” G. Consiglio, L. Setti (2008)


This taxon was created in 1851, and moved to Crepidotus in 1877. It was noted in the Hesler and Smith monograph of North American species as a European species which is not known from North America. In the recent work on European Crepidotus, they make this taxon synonymous with a number of past taxon, including a number from the Hesler and Smith monograph. These other taxons were all newly described from north america, and differ in small ways, slight changes in spore size and shape, degree of contortion of the cystidia, and straight or twisted surface hyphae. The new work seems to suggest that these differences are normal for the species.

In the view of Hesler and Smith this is a European only taxon, in the view of the new work this is a taxon from Europe and North America, and perhaps has a wider distribution.

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