When: 2008-10-07

Collection location: Switzerland [Click for map]

Who: Alan Rockefeller (Alan Rockefeller)

No specimen available

Found by Nightflyer, posted on Mycotopia.

These pictures show the same mushrooms maturing over five days.


“Switzerland, toddler playground, under bushes. Several clusters. bluing like hell when touched.”


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Copyright © 2008 nightflyer
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what was cool to me was the opportunity to see really young material…
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2009-01-03 21:25:30 CST (-0500)

so differnt from the mature forms.

By: cameron (beaver0doom)
2009-01-03 20:57:11 CST (-0500)

i have read most of what has been said about this particualar patch, (even on other sites) and i still cant belive the luck you got for just finding them in a frickin playground!!! good find though.

By: Erin Page Blanchard (CureCat)
2008-12-23 16:13:14 CST (-0500)

Dan, they are extremely bitter to my palate. I am really averse to bitter flavours in general, and my distaste for psilocybin containing mushrooms was not developed after having consumed some and having a negative reaction. I thought they were bitter the first time I tasted them, and every time there after. Both fresh and dry psilocybin containing mushrooms are bitter. Maybe not enough so that you can detect the flavour, but I certainly can.

Psilocybes are not realy bitter, just gross
By: Dan Molter (shroomydan)
2008-12-23 15:48:01 CST (-0500)

The first time I ate dried Psilocybe cubensis, I remember them not tasting bad at all. Only after the nausea kicked in did the lingering flavor become ‘bad’.

After more experiments than is probably prudent, I now find the smell and flavor of active Psilocybes to be absolutely disgusting, but this is no doubt due to association with the toxic effects.

according to Dr. Beug, toddlers don’t have a well-developed sense of taste, esp for bitter.
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2008-12-23 15:27:31 CST (-0500)

Two links to this discussion on the BAMS list, with citations:

from Dr. Beug: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/...

from me: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/...

Psilocybe fatalities
By: Dan Molter (shroomydan)
2008-12-23 15:07:00 CST (-0500)

I remember hearing about this toddler poisoning, but I don’t have a link (sorry).

The kid was observed eating mushrooms in his yard, got sick, and was taken to the hospital where he died. After the fact, investigators collected mushrooms from the yard. Among them were Psilocybe baeocystis. The toddler might have eaten more than one species of mushroom, but no other poisonous mushrooms were found in the yard.

There are stories of adults dying from eating psilocybin mushrooms.

Supposedly an adult man died from eating Liberty Caps in Great Brittan a few years ago, and a 23 year old woman recently died in New Zealand after consuming Psilocybe subaeruginosa.

Woman Dies After Eating Magic Mushrooms

By: Erin Page Blanchard (CureCat)
2008-12-22 16:48:50 CST (-0500)

Very good point. Fresh psilocybin containing mushrooms are exceedingly bitter. I certainly would not ingest enough to get high if I was unaware of the effects and just trying them out for taste- Blech!

Debbie – reference??

Different opinion
By: German Kahuna
2008-12-19 04:11:34 CST (-0500)

I have kids and I do take psilocybe mushrooms every now and then, so I know what semilanceata, cyanescens and some other Ps. mushrooms taste like. I also know that kids like to stick stuff in their mouth just to test the sensation.

I cannot, however, believe that any toddler would eat enough of these (fresh or dried, they must taste appalling to kids) to be deadly poisoned. There are no toxins in these mushrooms to attack any of your inner organs and the deadly dose of psilocybin/psilocin is so incredibly high that even a toddler would have to eat quite a few of these patches to die from them. If a toddler ate, say 2-3 of those mushrooms, they should be put under medical observation and possibly have their stomach pumped out, but they would never ever die.

I think that the toddler deaths that were attributed to the ingestion of magic mushrooms were most likely caused by something else. Or did it read in the papers “a 2yo. boy died after eating 7 1/2 pounds of fresh psilocybe mushrooms”?

sad, but true.
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2008-10-14 12:20:38 CDT (-0400)

at least one death has been attributed to the ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms by a toddler, mostly because their physiology is still undeveloped, and they run dangerously high temperatures. Tripping is not fun for kids.

Allen’s avatar is our Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama. Smart AND good-lookin’!

By: J. Williams (jwilliams)
2008-10-14 12:15:34 CDT (-0400)

I don’t disbelieve you, but i had never heard of any death directly resulting from intentional or accidental ingestion of mushrooms containing these specific alkaloids. How could it happen?

And Alan, whats with your Avatar? Is this your new dream man?

parental supervision is the key to preventing mushroom poisonings
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2008-10-14 12:00:18 CDT (-0400)

and although I support the right of adults to alter their brain chemistry in any way that they choose, toddlers have been fatally poisoned thru the ingestion of psilocybin containing mushrooms. I hope that your finder of these potentially dangerous mushrooms alerted the adults at the tot lot; toddlers are known “grazers.”

What’s legal
By: Paul Derbyshire (Twizzler)
2008-10-14 08:20:20 CDT (-0400)

Well, you could always destroy them in situ I suppose…

By: Alan Rockefeller (Alan Rockefeller)
2008-10-09 19:08:13 CDT (-0400)

Its a shame these mushrooms are illegal, it would be a crime to remove them from the toddler playground. Another fine example of the war on drugs protecting the children.

By: Paul Derbyshire (Twizzler)
2008-10-08 23:27:07 CDT (-0400)

Am I the only one who gets the willies reading that this stuff was growing right near a toddler playground?

That cluster of mushrooms could probably jump-start the sixties.