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One reliable source for best names…
By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2017-10-30 14:43:10 PDT (-0700)

doesn’t exist because of the huge amount of work it would involve, work that’s often subjective. MO is a perfect place for working on it, though, because it has a system for discussion on name pages.

MO doesn’t automatically choose a preferred synonym. People using MO accept and deprecate synonyms, usually based on published papers, sometimes based on legitimate personal correspondence or complete ignorance.

Jacob and Walt, thank you both for your
By: Judi T. (AvidAmateur)
2017-10-30 14:29:47 PDT (-0700)

helpful responses. I have a pretty reliable memory although I do pencil in the name changes in my personal records and library of field guides to recheck periodically. So far I am able to remember three name changes for a species, but beyond that it seems almost laughable. Doesn’t it seem a bit chaotic for the field of mycology to have no one reliable source of current names? I can’t think of another scientific field in this situation. Although some have different “camps” of opinion they all seem to use the same language.

Jacob, if both IF and MB are not “accepted reliable source[s] for preferred synonyms”, can you tell me what MO uses to determine the acceptable/preferred name for observations?

I do appreciate the input from both of you whose expertise and opinions I greatly respect and value. Thank you.

Judi & Jacob
By: walt sturgeon (Mycowalt)
2017-10-30 13:46:38 PDT (-0700)

I usually refer to Index Fungorum even though I know they are not always up to date. The average amateur just wants a handle and using Index Fungorum or Mycobank gives them a resource. Tracking down papers and name priorities based on relationships and publication dates is best left to professionals and very advanced amateurs. Having been a active amateur for 40 years I have learned Collybia radicata, Oudemansiella radicata, Xerula radicata, Hymenopellis radicata and now back to Oudemansiella. Add to that is the current rush to name species based on partial DNA analysis. Butyriboletus brunneus and Butyroboletus frostii? Yes they are both boletes and no doubt have similar DNA but my bet is they will end up in different genera. Judi, you can try to keep up but there will continue to be changes and likely many years before the dust settles. As for me I try to be aware of the most current “right name” but at my age and declining memory I may revert to an older names. The most important thing is that people know what mushroom you are talking about and most serious amateurs will know. As for this obs. Jacob appears to be right and it is the name I learned it as before Merulius and Byssomerulius became preferential.

By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2017-10-30 10:52:38 PDT (-0700)

- See the comment on the Byssomerulius incarnatus page for a description of why I deprecated it in favor of Phlebia incarnata. Name pages are always the best place to discuss names, so the conversation isn’t spread around who knows how many observation pages.

- All validly published names are legitimate names. Whether a name SHOULD be used is the question. Agaricus haematopus is valid, but Mycena haematopus is the right name.

- !!!!! -- > MycoBank and IndexFungorum are not reliable sources for which synonym is best. < -- !!!!!!

There appears to be some continuing
By: Judi T. (AvidAmateur)
2017-10-30 10:23:07 PDT (-0700)

difference of opinion on whether Phlebia or Byssomerulius is the preferred name here, although MO currently directs users to choose Phlebia. In the past, the opposite was true. I have a few observations of this species (some under one name and some under the other) and would like to update them for consistency. Does anyone have a reference for the most recently published paper re: this confusion that I might refer to?

In the mere three years I have been observing and posting fungi on MO I have seen some species names reclassified three times … a dizzying amount of information to keep up with! Another question please: if MycoBank or another such authority lists two or more names as legitimate synonyms why does MO bold one name and not the other when an observation is created? Thanks for any info you can provide for my education.

I am. I can’t find anything wrong with it.
By: Jacob Kalichman (Pulk)
2017-10-26 22:00:43 PDT (-0700)
This is one of my favorite species. Always love seeing it.
By: Judi T. (AvidAmateur)
2017-10-26 21:50:41 PDT (-0700)

Question: Are we going back to Phlebia as the preferred genus?

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