I am not sure or experienced enough to name this species. I remember seeing something like it in print somewhere but cant find the reference. The stem was quite yellow and the red in the cap was brilliant red. (Fire engine red) The stem seemed to be tapered getting larger at the base something like the boletes. ( maybe Amanita xanthocephala ?)

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It seems to be agreed that the correct name is Amanita xanthocephala and I think I have updated the name and voting whether I have done this correctly or not I am not sure.

I think xanthocephala is a good guess…[edited URL]
By: R. E. Tulloss (ret)
2008-06-30 22:41:32 CDT (-0400)

For more detail, and an author citation [“(Berk.) D. A. Reid & R. N. Hilton”], see

Very best,


Re Amanita xanthocephala (8141):

Dv. You may remember I said I had come across Amanita xanthocephala and that was where it was after you prompted me. I do use the site and have gained from it. Have a another interesting lot to post but trying to get some info together on each image before posting. KK

Added image

Because this was on my property I was lucky enough to be able to photgraph it before it was too mature. It has lost some of those striking colours but,—-

Re FungiMap

Deb. Thanks again for your time and the trouble you go to assisting me in this difficult learning schedule. Unfortunately after several attempts and the offer to join FungiMap, I became very dissapointed with the response from them. The Fungi that is getting DNA tested in America by Todd is because I had no success at all in having this Fungi even looked at in Australia by some of the leading peoople in FungiMap. I do live a long long way away from them, but so do you from me!. They have their own interests first, their locals second and any outsider like me a very bad last. I wont go on, but I can give you copies of long and although not expertly explained data on some fungi that I was asking for some sort of ID and got the proverbial “I’m too busy at thee moment” & “come to our meetings.” (This would be a 8-10hour plane trip. I dont just live around the corner you might say.) The help and assistance I have received and continue to get has really been overwhelming, and I will continue to make an effort to repay MO and members for this.

Hopefully Rod will confirm this ID.
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2008-06-28 12:16:42 CDT (-0400)

Hello Ian,
In my recent correspondence with Roy Halling, he alerted me to a wonderful in-country resource, that you may be familiar with: Fungimap! Apparently, there is a whole community of folks, both amateurs and professionals, working to document
the mushrooms (and slime molds) of Australia. I spent a good bit of time scrolling the site yesterday, where I encountered one of their “target species”
Amanita xanthocephala. Looks like a good match for your photo.

But check out this site for yourself:

BTW, Dr. Halling also mentioned that he would be teaching an Australian bolete identification class for Fungimap next year, and hoped that you would sign up!

There is a whole world of possiblities opening up, half a world away…
I am SO ready for a future Australian foray!