Project: Stimpson Family Nature Reserve Inventory

Created: 2011-04-28

Owned By: Fred M. Rhoades (FMR)

User Group: Stimpson Family Nature Reserve Inventory

Admin Group: Stimpson Family Nature Reserve Inventory.admin

Summary: Ongoing inventory of mushrooms collected and observed in the Stimpson Family Nature Reserve, near Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington, USA. Begun in 1991 by Fred M. Rhoades and students and continued by members of the Northwest Mushroomers Association. Data will be entered by Date.

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Fungal Phenology
By: Louis Mielke (Louis Mielke)
2017-04-25 09:54:49 EDT (-0400)

Hi Fred, are you going back to specific sites each year (1 hectare plots) to estimate the time of fruiting and length of fruiting of certain species? I am thinking of making a project in a stand of Pinus resinosa at the University of Minnesota – Hubachek Wilderness Research Center in Ely, MN. The goal is to document the timing of any and all fruiting bodies in that specific area (just under 1 hectare). Are there any good examples out there? I am hoping to follow a standard protocol – similar to what the National Phenology Network does; however, they don’t take inventory on fungi.

-Louis Mielke

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