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Created: 2015-03-15

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Summary: This project will be used to keep a personal list of Psathyrella Species reported in texts, vouchers, MO, technical reports, internet sources, etc, that occurred in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mexico.

The objective is to list a “probable” list of Psathyrella species expected in North East Texas, i.e. the “first species to check” for identification.


Psathyrella arenulina (Peck) A.H. Smith
Psathyrella ammophila (Durieu & Lév.) P.D. Orton
Psathyrella appendiculata (Bull.) G. Bertrand
Psathyrella candolleana (Fries) Maire
Psathyrella cloverae A.H. Sm
Psathyrella conopilea
Psathyrella gracilis (Near)
Psathyrella hydrophila
Psathyrella hymenocephala (Peck) A.H. Smith
Psathyrella hymenocephala var. farinacea Thiers
Psathyrella jalapensis (Murrill) A.H. Sm
Psathyrella kauffmanii Variety exannulata
Psathyrella membranacea A.H. Sm
Psathyrella obtusata
Psathyrella spadiceogrisea
Psathyrella velutina (Pers.) Singer
Psathyrella texensis A.H. Smith
Psathyrella thiersii A.H. Sm


Psathyrella candolleana
Psathyrella confertissima (G.F. Atk.) A.H. Sm
Psathyrella disseminata
Psathyrella foenisecii
Psathyrella gracillima
Psathyrella sarcocephala
Psathyrella velutina

Gulf Coast States

Psathyrella candolleana (Fries) Maire
Psathyrella piluliformis (Fries) Maire
Psathyrella velutina
Psathyrella umbonata (Peck) A. H. Smith

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