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Created: 2016-05-15

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Summary: The Pacific Northwest Key Council, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and publication of field keys to the fungi of the Pacific Northwest. It was initiated in 1974 by Kit Scates of Post Falls, Idaho, and developed with the support and supervision of Dr. Joseph Ammirati and the late Dr. Daniel Stuntz, both of the University of Washington. The geographic area covered is southern British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana.

The Key Council develops, refines, and field tests keys to selected species and genera of mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest. The mushroom characteristics in the keys are based on macroscopic features that can be seen by the naked eye or hand lens. All keys are subject to peer review and editing before publication. Key Council membership, which is by invitation, includes both professional mycologists and amateurs.

In addition to on-line keys, the Key Council publishes a free, downloadable application, MatchMaker: Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, created by Ian Gibson, and a Pictorial Key app for smartphones or computers, created by Danny Miller. The Key Council also distributes hard copies of (a) the one-page, pictorial Kit Scates Easy Key to Common Gilled Mushrooms", and (b) a Toxicology poster. These are available from Fungi Perfecti or

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