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Abortiporus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abortiporus biennis (Bull.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abortiporus chocoensis Læssøe & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abortiporus roseus (D.A. Reid) Masuka & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus fuscopurpureus (Pers.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus mollissimus B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus pubertatis (Lloyd) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus quercicola Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus roseoalbus (Jungh.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus sclerosetosus Decock & Laurence (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Abundisporus violaceus (Wakef.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Acia P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aciella (P. Karst.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aegerita Pers. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aegerita webberi Fawcett (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aegis boa Gómez-Montoya, Rajchenb. & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus arizonicus Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus avellaneus Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus borneensis Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus caeruleoporus (Peck) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus cantharellus (Lloyd) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus citrinus Ryman (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus cochleariformis (Cooke) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus confluens (Alb. & Schwein.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus congoensis Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus cristatus (Schaeff.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus dispansus (Lloyd) Canf. & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus ellisii (Berk.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus flettii Morse ex Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus fumosus H.D. Zheng & P.G. Liu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus ginnsii A.B. De (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus henanensis J.D. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus microcarpus H.D. Zheng & P.G. Liu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus ovinus (Fr.) Kotl. & Pouz. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus ovinus var. subrubescens (Murrill) L.G. Krieglst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus skamanius (Murrill) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus subrubescens (Murrill) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Albatrellus syringae (Parmasto) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Alutaceodontia (Parmasto) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Alutaceodontia alutacea (Fr.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma sensu lato (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma africana Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma amoiense J.D. Zhao & L.W. Hsu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma andina Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma angustum (Berk.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma argenteofulvum (Van der Byl) Doidge (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma aurantiacum (Torrend) Gibertoni & Bernicchia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma auriscalpium (Pers.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma austrosinense J.D. Zhao & L.W. Hsu, in Zhao, Xu & Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma bataanense Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma boleticeum (Pat. & Gaillard) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma buloloi Aoshima (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma calcigenum (Berk.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma calcitum D.H. Costa Rezende & E.R. Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma camerarium (Berk.) J.S. Furtado (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma deviatum Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma exile (Berk.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma intermedium (Bres. & Pat.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma oblongisporum J.S. Furtado, Revis. Gên. Amauroderma: (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma parasiticum Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma partitum (Berk.) Wakef. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma preussii (Henn.) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma pudens (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma renidens (Bres.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma rude (Berk) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma rugosum (Blume & T. Nees) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma rugosum var. latiporum Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma salisburiense (Van der Byl) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma schomburgkii (Mont. & Berk.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma scopulosum (Berk.) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma secedens Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma sericatum (Lloyd) Wakef. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma solomonense Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma subrugosum (Bres. & Pat.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma tapetellum Henao-M. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma trichodermatum J.S. Furtado (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma trulliforme (Lloyd) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma unilaterum (Lloyd) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma variabile (Berk.) Lloyd ex Wakef. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma wuzhishanense J.D. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauroderma yunnanense J.D. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amaurohydnum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amauromyces (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amethicium (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amylocystis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amylocystis lapponicus (Rom.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amyloporia Bondartsev & Singer ex Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amyloporia nothofaginea Rajchenb. & Gorjón (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amyloporia xantha (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer ex Bondartsev (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Anomoloma Niemelä & K.H. larss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Anomoloma albolutescens (Romell) Niemelä & K.H. Larss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Anomoloma myceliosum (Peck) Niemelä & K.H. Larss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Anomoporia (Fr.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Anomoporia bombycina (Fr.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antella americana (Ryvarden & Gilb.) Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antella chinensis (H.S. Yuan) Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Anthoporia (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Anthoporia albobrunnea (Romell) Karasiński & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia P. Karst. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Antrodia alpina (Litsch.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia carbonica (Overh.) Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia crassa (P. karst.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia gossypium (Speg.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia heteromorpha (Fr.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia morganii (Lloyd) Spirin & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia neotropica Kaipper-Figueiró, Robledo & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia oleracea (R.W. Davidson & Lombard) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia ramentacea (Berkeley & Broome) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia sinuosa (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia sitchensis (D.V. Baxter) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodia uzbekistanica Yuan Yuan, Yu. Sh. Gafforov & F. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella Ryvarden & I. Johans. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella angulatopora Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella canadensis (Overh.) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella citrea (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella dentipora Ryvarden & Iturr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella depauperata (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella faginea Vampola & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella fragrans (A. David & Tortič) A. David & Tortič (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella genistae (Bourdot & Galzin) A. David (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella hoehnellii (Bres.) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella incrustans (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Cooke) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella negligenda (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella onychoides (Egeland) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella parasitica Vampola (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella romellii (Donk) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella semisupina (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella subcrassa (Rodway & Cleland) P.K. Buchanan & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella subligativa (Corner) T. Hatt. & Sotome (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella subradula (Pilát) Niemelä & Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella ussurii Y.C. Dai & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella versicutis (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella xanthochroa (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella zonata (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aporpium caryae (Schwein.) Teixeira & D.P. Rogers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aquascypha D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Arambarria (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Arambarria cognata (Bres.) Rajchenb. & Pildain (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Asterodon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Asterodon ferruginosus Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Atroporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Atroporus diabolicus (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Atroporus rufoatratus (Berk.) Palacio, Reck & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aurantiopileus Ginns, D.L. Lindner & T.J. Baroni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aurantiopileus mayanensis Ginns, D.L. Lindner & T.J. Baroni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aurantiporus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aurificaria D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aurificaria D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Auriporia Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Auriporia aurea (Peck) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Auriporia aurulenta A. David, Tortič & Jelić (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Auriporia brasilica G. Coelho (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Auriporia pileata Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Austeria (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Austeria citrea (Berk.) Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Australicium (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Australicium cylindrosporum Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Australicium singulare (G. Cunn.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Australohydnum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Australohydnum castaneum (Lloyd) Zmitr., Malysheva & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Australoporus tasmanicus (Berk.) P.K. Buchanan & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Basidioradulum crustosum (Pers.) Zmitr. et al. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bjerkandera P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bjerkandera atroalba (Rick) Westph. & Tomšovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bjerkandera fumosa (Pers.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Boletopsis Fayod (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Boletopsis grisea (Peck) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Boletopsis nothofagi J.A. Cooper & P. Leonard (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bondarzewia Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bondarzewia berkeleyi (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bondarzewia kirkii J.A. Cooper, Jia J. Chen & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bondarzewia mesenterica (Schaeff.) Kreisel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bondarzewia occidentalis Jia J. Chen, B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Botryodontia (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Botryodontia tetraspora (S.S. Rattan) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bresadolia squamosa (Huds.) Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bresadolia uda group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bresadolia uda (Jungh.) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bridgeoporus T.J. Volk, Burds. & Ammirati (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bridgeoporus nobilissimus (W.B. Cooke) T.J. Volk, Burds. & Ammirati (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bridgeoporus sinensis Wu,F., Chen,J.-J., Ji,X.-H., Vlasak,J. and Dai,Y.-C. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Brunneoporus Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Brunneoporus hyalinus (Spirin, Miettinen & Kotir.) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Brunneoporus malicola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Brunneoporus malicolus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus Kotlába & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus americanus D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus eucalypticola M.L. Han, B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus malesianus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus pulvinus (Pers.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus pulvinus (Pers.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Buglossoporus quercinus (Schrad.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bulbillomyces Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bulbillomyces farinosus (Bres.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Byssomerulius Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Byssomerulius albostramineus (Torrend) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Byssomerulius corium (Pers.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Byssomerulius hirtellus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cabalodontia M. Piatek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cabalodontia bresadolae (Parmasto) M. Piatek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cabalodontia cretacea (Romell ex Bourdot & Galzin) Piątek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cabalodontia livida (Fr. ex Burt) M. Piatek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cabalodontia queletii (Bourdot & Galzin) M. Piatek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cabalodontia subcretacea (Litsch.) M. Piatek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Candelabrochaete (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Candelabrochaete cirrata Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Candelabrochaete mexicana (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Candelabrochaete neocaledonica Duhem & Buyck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cartilosoma Kotlába & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cellulariella Zmitr. & Malysheva (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceraceohydnum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cericium (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerioporus Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerioporus choseniae (Vassilkov) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerioporus leptocephalus (Jacq.) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerioporus mollis (Sommerf.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerioporus squamosus (Huds.) Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerioporus stereoides (Fr.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia aurantiocarnescens (Henn.) Pieri & Rivoire (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia excelsa S. Lundell ex Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia ferruginicincta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia herinkii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia lacerata N. Maek., Suhara & R. Kondo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia mellita (Bourdot) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia metamorphosa (Fuckel) Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia pannocincta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia purpurea (Fr.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia reticulata (Hoffm.) Domański (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia sordescens Miettinen & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia spissa (Schwein. ex Fr.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia subspissa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia tarda (Berk.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia viridans (Berk. & Broome) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporia xylostromatoides (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis Domański (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis aneirina (Sommerf.) Domański (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis ballenae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis cystidiata (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis gilvescens (Bresadola) Domanski (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis mucida (Persoon:Fries) Gilbertson&Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis pannocincta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis pseudogilvescens (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis pseudoplacenta Vlasák & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis resinascens (Romell) Dom. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis subrufa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis subvermispora (Pilát) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ceriporiopsis umbrinescens (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerrenaceae Miettinen, Justo & Hibbett (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerrena unicolor (Bull.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerrena zonata (Berk.) H.S. Yuan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cerrenella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Chaetoporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Chaetoporus euporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cinereomyces lindbladii (Berk.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Citripora (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Citripora afrocitrina (Ipulet & Ryvarden) Miettinen & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cladomeris umbellata (Pers.) Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Clavariachaete Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Clavariachaete rubiginosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Cooke) Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacocystis borealis (Fr.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodon P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodon chlamydocystis Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodon dubitativus (Lloyd) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodon roseomaculatus (Henn. & E. Nyman) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodon sanguineus (Beeli) Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodon septentrionalis (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Climacodontaceae Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia Gray (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia africana Masuka & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia australica L.W. Zhou, Tedersoo & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia barbata Ryvarden & de Meijer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia cinnamomea (Jacq.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia confluens P.-J. Keizer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia duportii group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia duportii (Pat.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia focicola (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia globispora Gomes-Silva, Ryvarden & Gibertoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia grandispora Ryvarden & Hauskn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia hamata (Romell) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia montagnei (Fr.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia perennis (L.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia permollis Baltazar & Gibertoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltricia velutina Baltazar & Gibertoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltriciella Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltriciella dependens (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coltriciella minuscula Susan, Retnowati & Sukarno (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Coltriciella oblectabilis (Lloyd) Kotl., Pouzar & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coniferiporia L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Coniferiporia qilianensis (L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai) L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coniferiporia sulphurascens (Pilát) L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coniferiporia weirii (Murrill) L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Contumyces rosellus (M.M. Moser) Redhead, Moncalvo, Vilgalys & Lutzoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coriolopsis byrsina (Mont.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coriolopsis caperata (Berk.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Coriolopsis polyzona (Pers.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cotylidia diaphana (Schwein.) Lentz (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustoderma Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustoderma flavescens Nakasone & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustoderma longicystidiatum (Litsch.) Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustoderma marianum Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustoderma opuntiae Nakasone & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustoderma patricium (G. Cunn.) Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustodontia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustodontia chrysocreas (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustomyces Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Crustomyces indecorus Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cryptoporus (Peck) Shear (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cryptoporus volvatus (Peck) Shear (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cyanotrama rimosa (Murrill) Ghobad-Nejhad (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma Jungh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma sect. Cladoderris Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma africanum Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma blumei (Lév.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma caperatum (Berk. & Mont.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma cristatum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) A.L. Welden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma dendriticum (Pers.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma elegans Jungh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma elegans var. lamellatum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma fuscum (Cooke) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma hainanense Z.T. Guo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma infundibuliforme (Klotzsch) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma pallens Berthet & Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma plicatum (Lloyd) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma sclerotioides (Lloyd) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma semiresupinatum (A.L. Welden) A.L. Welden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma venezuelae D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cymatoderma viridans (Lloyd) A.L. Welden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cystidiodontia Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cystidiodontia artocreas (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Cooke) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cystidiophorus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cystostereaceae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cystostereum Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dacryobolus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dacryobolus karstenii (Bres.) Oberw. ex Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dacryobolus sudans (Alb. & Schwein.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea Pers. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea aesculi (Schwein.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea ambigua Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea americana M.L. Han & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea berkeleyi Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea dickinsii Yasuda (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea dochmia (Berk. & Broome) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea juniperina (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea microsticta Cooke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea neotropica Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea quercina (L.) Pers. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedalea ryvardeniana Drechsler-Santos & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedaleopsis confragosa (Bolton) J. Schröt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Daedaleopsis confragosa var. tricolor (Bull.) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Datronia Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Datronia caperata (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Datroniella B.K. Cui, Hai J. Li & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Datroniella scutellata (Schwein.) B.K. Cui, Hai J. Li & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dendrocorticium ancistrophylli Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dendrocorticium crystalliferum Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dendrocorticium nasti Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dendrocorticium ovalisporum Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dendrocorticium polygonioides (P. Karst.) M.J. Larsen & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium (Parmasto) M.J. Larsen & Gilbertson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium brasiliense M.J. Larsen & Gilbertson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium nephrolepidis Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium pilatii (Parmasto) Duhem & H. Michel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium portoricense (Spreng. ex Fr.) Nakasone & S.H. He (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium sinapicolor Boidin, Gilles & Duhem (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium sulphurellum (Peck) M.J. Larsen & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dentocorticium ussuricum (Parmasto) M.J. Larsen & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Deviodontia (Parmasto) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Deviodontia pilaecystidiata (S. Lundell) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dextrinoporus aquaticus (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Dichochaete (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dichomitus D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dichomitus affixus (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dichomitus campestris (Quél.) Domański & Orlicz (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dichomitus hexagonoides (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dichomitus mexicanus (Ryvarden) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Dichomitus squalens (P. Karst.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Diplomitoporus crustulinus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Diplomitoporus daedaleiformis (Henn.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Diplomitoporus flavescens (Bres.) Domański (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Donkia Pilát (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Donkia pulcherrima (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Donkioporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Donkioporia expansa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Earliella Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Earliella scabrosa (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinochaete D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinochaete brachypora (Mont.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinodontium tinctorium (Ellis & Everh.) Ellis & Everh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinoporia Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinoporia aculeifera (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinoporia hydnophora (Berk. & Broome) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Echinoporia inermis G. Coelho (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Efibula (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Elaphroporia ailaoshanensis Z.Q. Wu & C.L. Zhao (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Emmia latemarginata (Durieu & Mont.) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Epithele (Pat.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Epithele cylindricosterigmata H.C. Wang & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Epithele fasciculata (G. Cunn.) Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Epithele lutea H.C. Wang & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Epithele subfusispora (Burds. & Nakasone) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Epithele typhae (Pers.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Erastia Niemelä & Kinnunen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Erastia salmonicolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Niemelä & Kinnunen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Erythricium salmonicolor (Berk. & Broome) Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Erythromyces (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Etheirodon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Etheirodon fimbriatum (Pers.) Banker (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Faerberia Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Faerberia carbonaria (Alb. & Schwein.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus P. Beauv. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus acervatus (Lloyd) Sotome & T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus biskeletalis (Corner) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus brasiliensis (Fr.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus elongoporus (Drechsler-Santos & Ryvarden) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus glandulosus Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus ianthinus (Gibertoni & Ryvarden) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus niveus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus pseudobetulinus (Murashk. ex Pilát) Sotome & T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus pseudoemerici (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus roseus Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus septatus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus spathulatus (Jungh.) Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus subpurpurascens (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus subtropicus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Favolus udus (Jungh.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia bohemica Bernicchia, Vampola & Prodi (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia citrina (Bernicchia & Ryvarden) Bernicchia & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia destructor (Schrad.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia norrlandica (Berglund & Ryvarden) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia pseudorennyi (Spirin) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia radiculosa (Peck) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fibroporia vaillantii (DC.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flabellophora G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flabellophora fasciculata (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flabellophora obovata (Junghuhn) Núñez & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flabellophora parva Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flammeopellis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flammeopellis bambusicola Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flavidoporia mellita (Niemelä & Penttilä) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus americanus (Ryvarden & Gilb.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus brownii (Humb.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus citrinellus (Niemelä & Ryvarden) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus delicatus A. David & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus hunua (G. Cunn.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus hydrophilus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus liebmannii (Fr.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus minutisporus (D.A. Reid, K.S. Thind & Chatr.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus stramineus (Bres.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus subhydrophilus (Speg.) Rajchenb. & J.E. Wright (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus tenuis Westphalen, Rajchenb. & Tomšovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus venustus A. David & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flaviporus xanthus Mycotaxon 45: 135 (1992) (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flavodon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Flavodon flavus (Klotzsch) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes (Fr.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes albogriseus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes borealis Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes circumstans (Morgan) Sacc. & Syd. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes excavatus (Berk.) Cooke (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomes fasciatus (Sw.) Cooke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes fomentarius (L.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes fulvus (Scop.) Gillet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes hemitephrus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes idahoensis R.W. Br. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes inzengae (Ces. & De Not.) Cooke (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomes neglectum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes niveus (Lázaro Ibiza) Sacc. & Trotter (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes robustus var. melaleucae Cleland nom. nud. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomes “sp-EUM1” (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitella malaysiana (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporella Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitiporella umbrinella (Bres.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia aethiopica Decock, Bitew & G. Castillo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia alpina (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia apiahyna (Spegazzini) Robledo, Decock & Rajchenberg (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia atlantica Alves-Silva, Reck & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia australiensis M. Fisch., J. Edwards, Cunningt. & Pascoe (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia baccharidis (Pat.) Decock, Robledo & Amalfi (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia bakeri (Murrill) J. Vlasak & J. Kout (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia bambusarum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia banaensis Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia calkinsii (Murrill) J. Vlasak & J. Kout (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia capensis M. Fisch., M. Cloete, L. Mostert, F. Halleen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia castilloi Decock & Amalfi (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia cupressicola Amalfi, Raymundo, Valenz. & Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia cylindrospora (Lloyd) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia cylindrospora (Lloyd) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia deserticola (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia dryophila Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia ellipsoidea B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia erecta (A. David, Dequatre & Fiasson) Fiasson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia expansa Decock & Amalfi (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia fissurata Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia gabonensis Amalfi & Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia gaoligongensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia hainaniana (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia hartigii (Allesch. & Schnabl.) Fiasson & Niemela (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia hippophaeicola (H. Jahn) Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia impercepta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia ivindoensis Decock, Amalfi & Yombiyeni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia juniperina (Murrill) T. Hatt. & Y. Ota (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia neotropica Campos-Santana, Amalfi, R.M. Silveira, Robledo et Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia nobilissima Decock & Yombiyeni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia norbulingka (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia pentaphylacis L.W. Zhou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia polymorpha M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia prunicola Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia prunicola var. betulicola Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia pseudopunctata (A. David, Dequatre & Fiasson) Fiasson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia punctata (P. Karst.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia punicata Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui & Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia robusta (P. Karst.) Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia rosmarini (Bernicchia) Ghobad-Nejhad & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia sanctichampagnatii G. Coelho, R.M. Silveira & Rajchenb (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia sonorae (Gilb.) Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia spinescens (J.E. Wright & G. Coelho) G. Coelho, Guerrero & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia spinescens (J.E. Wright & G. Coelho) G. Coelho, Guerrero & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia subhippophaëicola (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia subrobusta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia subtilissima Alves-Silva, Reck & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia subtropica (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia tabaquilio (Urcelay, Robledo & Rajchenb.) Decock & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia tenuis Decock, Bitew & Castillo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia tenuitubus L.W. Zhou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia texana (Murrill) Nuss (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia torreyae Y.C. Dai & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia tsugina Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitiporia uncinata (Rajchenb.) G. Coelho, Guerrero & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsidaceae Jülich (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis P. Karst. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis anhuiensis X.F. Ren & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis betulina (Bull.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis betulina sensu auct. amer. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis bondartsevae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis cana B.K. Cui, Hai J. Li & M.L. Han (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis concava (Cooke) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis durescens (Overh. ex J. Lowe) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis epileucina (Pilát) Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis euosma Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis iberica Melo & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis maire (G. Cunn.) P.K. Buchanan & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis meliae (Underw.) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis minuta Aime & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis mounceae J.-E. Haight & Nakasone (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis mounceae J.-E. Haight & Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis ochracea Ryvarden & Stokland (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis ostreiformis (Berk.) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis palustris (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis pinicola (Sw.) P. Karst. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis portentosus (Berk) M.Candido comb. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis pseudopetchii (Lloyd) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis roseoalba (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis rubida (Berk.) A. Roy & A.B. De (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis scalaris (Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis schrenkii J.-E. Haight & Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis schrenkii J.-E. Haight & Nakasone (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fomitopsis scortea (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis singularis (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis subtropica B.K. Cui & Hai J. Li (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis subvinosa (Corner) T. Hatt. & Sotome (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis supina (Sw.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fomitopsis widdringtoniae Masuka & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Foraminispora rugosa (Berk.) Costa-Rezende, Drechsler-Santos & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fragifomes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fragifomes niveomarginatus (L.W. Zhou & Y.L. Wei) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fragiliporiaceae Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fragiliporia fragilis Y.C. Dai, B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Frantisekia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Frantisekia fissiliformis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Frantisekia mentschulensis (Pilat) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes allardii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes badius (Berk) Candido comb. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes calcitratus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes cambodiensis L.W. Zhou & W.M. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes cambodiensis L.W. Zhou & W.M. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes cedrelae (Murrill) Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes centroamericanus Y.C. Dai, X.H. Ji & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes cesatii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes collinus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes durissimus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes everhartii (Ellis &. Gall.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes fastuosus (Lév.) Bondartseva & S. Herrera (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes glaucescens (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes grenadensis (Murrill) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes hainanensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes hydrophilus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes indicus (Massee) L.W. Zhou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes inermis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes jamaicensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes johnsonianus (Murrill) Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes juniperinus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes kanehirae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes kawakamii (M.J. Larsen, Lombard & Hodges) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes krugiodendri Y.C. Dai, X.H. Ji & Vlasák (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes linteus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes luteoumbrinus comb. prov. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes macgregorii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes mangrovicus (Imazeki) T. Hattori (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes melleicinctus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes melleoporus (Murrill) Baltazar & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes membranaceus (J.E. Wright & Blumenf.) Baltazar & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes merrillii (Murrill) Baltazar & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes minisporus (B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai) Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes pectinatus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes porrectus comb. prov. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes pseudosenex (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes pullus (Mont. & Berk.) Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes rhytiphloeus (Mont.) Campos-Santana & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes ribis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes rimosus (Berk.) Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes robiniae (Murrill) Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes sanjanii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes sarcites (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes siamensis T. Hattori, Sakayaroj & E.G.B. Jones (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes squamosus Salvador-Montoya & Drechsler-Santos (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fulvifomes sublinteus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes subpectinatus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes subpectinatus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes swieteniae Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes troyanus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes underwoodii (Murrill) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes xylocarpicola T. Hattori, Sakayaroj & E.G.B. Jones (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fulvifomes yucatanensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Furtadoa Costa-Rezende, Robledo & Drechsler-Santos (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Furtadoa biseptata Costa-Rezende, Drechsler-Santos & Reck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Furtadoa corneri (Gulaid & Ryvarden) Robledo & Costa-Rezende (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fuscoporia atlantica Motato-Vásquez, R.M. Pires & Gugliotta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia callimorpha (Lév.) Groposo, Log.-Leite & Góes-Neto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia chrysea (Lév.) Baltazar & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Fuscoporia cinchonensis (Murrill) Bondartseva & S. Herrera (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia contigua (Pers.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia contiguiformis (Pilát) Raymundo, R. Valenz. & Esqueda (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia coronadensis (Rizzo, Gieser & Burdsall) Raymundo, R.Valenz. & Cifuentes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia ferrea (Pers.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia ferruginosa (Schrad.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia formosana (T.T. Chang & W.N. Chou) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia gilva (Schwein.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia insolita Spirin, Vlasák & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia mesophila Raymundo, R. Valenz. & Pacheco (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia montana Y.C. Dai & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia nicaraguensis Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia palmicola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Bondartseva & S. Herrera (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia rhabarbarina (Berk.) Groposo, Log.-Leite & Góes-Neto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia senex (Nees & Mont.) Ghob.-Nejh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia setifera (T. Hatt.) Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia torulosa (Pers.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia viticola (Schwein.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia wahlbergii (Fr.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Fuscoporia xerophila Raymundo, R. Valenz. & Esqueda (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma P. Karst. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Ganoderma subgenus Ganoderma (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma subgenus Elfvingia (P. Karst.) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma subgenus Trachyderma Imazeki (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Ganoderma sect. Phaeonema (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma adspersum (Schulzer) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma aetii (Steyaert) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma ahmadii Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma albocinctum Pat. & Morot (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma alluaudii Pat. & Har. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma amazonense Weir (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma angustisporum J.H. Xing, B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma annulare (Lloyd) Boedijn (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma applanatum (Pers.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma argillaceum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma aridicola J.H. Xing & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma asperulatum (Murrill) Sacc. & Trotter (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma atrum J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma australe (Fr.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma austroafricanum M.P.A. Coetzee, M.J. Wingf., Marinc. & Blanchette (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma austrofujianense J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma bakeri Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma baudonii Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma bibadiostriatum Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma boninense Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma brownii (Murrill) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma capense (Lloyd) Teng (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma carnosum Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma carocalcareum Douanla-Meli (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma casuarinicola J.H. Xing, B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma chalceum (Cooke) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma chenghaiense J.D. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma chiungchungense X.L. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma chonoides Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma citriporum Ryvarden & Iturr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma cochlear (Blume & T. Nees) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma concinnum Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma crebrostriatum J.D. Zhao & L.W. Hsu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma cupreolaccatum (Kalchbr.) Z. Igmándy (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma curtisii (Berk.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma curtisii f. meredithiae (Adask. & Gilb.) (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma destructans M.P.A. Coetzee, Marinc, M.J. Wingf. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma dimidiatum (Thunb.) V. Papp (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma dorsale (Lloyd) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma dunense (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma duropora Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma ecuadorense W.A. Salazar, C.W. Barnes & Ordoñez (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma elegantum Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma enigmaticum M.P.A. Coetzee, Marinc., M.J. Wingf. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma exile (Berk.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma fasciatum Har. & Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma formosanum T.T. Chang & T. Chen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma fornicatum (Fr.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma gibbosum (Blume & T. Nees) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma hildebrandii Henn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma hoehnelianum Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma impolitum Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma incrassatum (Berk.) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma leucocontextum T.H. Li, W.Q. Deng, Sheng H. Wu, Dong M. Wang & H.P. Hu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma lignosum Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma lobatum (Schwein.) G.F. Atk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma lobenense Kinge and Mih (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma longistipitatum Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma martinicense Welti & Courtecuisse (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma mbrekobenum E.C. Otto, Blanchette, Held, C.W. Barnes & Obodai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma megaloma (Lév.) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma meredithiae Adask. & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma mexicanum Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma microsporum R.S. Hseu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma miniatocinctum Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma mirivelutinum J.D. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma multicorne Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma multipileum Ding Hou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma multiplicatum (Mont.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma mutabile Y. Cao & H.S. Yuan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma neogibbosum Welti & Courtec. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma nevadense Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma nitens (Fr.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma nitidum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma oerstedii (Fr.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma orbiforme (Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma orbiformum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma oregonense Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma parvulum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma perturbatum (Lloyd) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma perzonatum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma philippii (Bres. & Henn. ex Sacc.) (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma platense Speg. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma podocarpense J.A. Flores, C.W. Barnes & Ordoñez (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma polychromum (Copel.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma praelongum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma pulverulentum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma ravenelii Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma resinaceum Boud. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma reticulatosporum (Van der Byl) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma rotundatum J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma sculpturatum (Lloyd) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma sessile Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Ganoderma sessiliforme Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma sichuanense J.D. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma sichuanense J.D. Zhao & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma sinense J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & X.Q. Zhang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma steyaertianum B.J. Smith & Sivasith. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma subamboinense (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma subfornicatum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma subincrustatum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma subtuberculosum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma testaceum (Lév.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma theaecola J.D. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma tormenta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma tornatum (Pers.) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma tropicum (Jungh.) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma tsugae Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma tsunodae (Yasuda ex Lloyd) Trotter (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma tuberculosum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma valesiacum Boud. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma vivianimercedianum Torres-Torres (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma weberianum (Bres. & Henn. ex Sacc.) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma wiiroense E.C. Otto, Blanchette, C.W. Barnes & Held (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma williamsianum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma wuzhishanensis T.C. Wen, Hapuarachchi & K.D. Hyde (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganoderma zonatum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ganodermataceae (Donk) Donk (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Ganodermites libycus A. Fleischm., M. Krings, H. Mayr & Agerer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gelatoporiaceae O. Miettinen, A. Justo & D.S. Hibbett (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gelatoporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Geliporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Geliporus exilisporus (Y.C. Dai & Niemela) Yuan Yuan, Jia J. Chen & S.H. He (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Ginnsia Sheng H.Wu & Hallenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ginnsia viticola (Schwein.) Sheng H.Wu & Hallenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Globulicium hiemale (Laurila) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeocystidium P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeophyllum trabeum (Pers.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus acidulus Bondartseva (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus ambiguus (Berk.) Zmitr. & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus bourdotii (Pilát) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus carrii Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus chlorinus (Pat.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus citrinus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus cremeoalbus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus croceopallens Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus dichrous (Fr.) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus dimiticus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus friabilis Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus hispidus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus longisporus M. Mata & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus nigrescens Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus papuanus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus phlebophorus (Berk.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus purpurascens Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus similis Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus subambiguus (Henn.) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus subochraceus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus subvinaceus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus sulphureus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus sulphuricolor (Bernicchia & Niemelä) Zmitr. & Spirin, in Zmitrovich, Malysheva & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus thelephoroides (Hook.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus tienmuensis (Teng) Teng, Chung-kuo Ti Chen-chun (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus umbrinus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloeoporus vitellinus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Gloiodon P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grammothele Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grammothele boliviana Karasiński (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grammothele fuligo (Berk. & Broome) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grammothele lineata Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grammothelopsis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grammothelopsis subtropica B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grandiniella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grifola Gray (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grifola colensoi (Berk.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grifola frondosa (Dicks.) Gray (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grifola gargal Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grifola platypora Gray (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Grifola sordulenta (Mont.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haddowia Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haddowia aëtii Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haddowia longipes (Lév.) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haddowia neurospora (J.S. Furtado) Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus africanus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus albocitrinus (Petch) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus aurantiacus (Rostk.) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus croceus (Pers.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus eupatorii (P. Karst.) Spirin & Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus flavus B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus hispidulus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus mutans (Peck) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus ochraceolateritius (Bondartsev) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus percoctus Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus phlebiiformis (Berk. ex Cooke) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus placodes (Kalchbr.) N. Walters & E.W.B. Costa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus ribicola (P. Karst.) Spirin & Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus rubescens Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus rutilans (Pers.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus sibiricus Núñez, Parmasto & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus subtestaceus (Bres.) Bondartsev (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hapalopilus tropicus I. Lindblad & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus alabamae (Berk. & Cooke) Y.C. Dai & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus cylindrosporus L.L. Shen, Y.C. Dai & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus nepalensis (T. Hatt.) Piątek (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus odorus (Sommerf.) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus septatus L.L. Shen, Y.C. Dai & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Haploporus subpapyraceus L.L. Shen, Y.C. Dai & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion abietinum Niemelä & Korhonen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion amyloideopsis Saba, C.L. Zhao, Khalid & Pfister (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion ecrustosum Tokuda, T. Hatt. & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion insulare (Murrill) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion irregulare (Underw.) Garbel. & Otrosina (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion linzhiense Y.C. Dai & Korhonen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion orientale Tokuda, T. Hatt. & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion pahangense Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion parviporum Niemelä & Korhonen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion perplexum (Ryvarden) Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion rutilantiforme (Murrill) Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion tasmanicum (Berk.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Heterobasidion tibeticum Y.C. Dai, Jia J. Chen & Korhonen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia aculeata (Mont.) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia adnata Berk. & Broome (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia aequalis Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia albida Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia alveolaris (DC.) Har. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia amplexens Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia arata Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia aspera (Jungh.) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia glabra (P. Beauv.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia hirta (P. Beauv.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia hydnoides (Sw.) M. Fidalgo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia nitida Durieu & Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hexagonia papyracea Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia bambusicola (Berk. & Broome) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia castanea Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia friesii (Lév.) Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia fuscomarginata (Burt) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia medica (Curr.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia monomitica (G. Cunn.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia percomis (Berk. & Broome) Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hjortstamia rimosissima (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hornodermoporus Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hornodermoporus latissima (Bres.) Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hornodermoporus martius (Berk.) Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Humphreya Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Humphreya coffeata (Berk.) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Humphreya eminii (Henn.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Humphreya lloydii (Pat. & Har.) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hydnochaete Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hydnochaetella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hydnophlebia chrysorhiza (Torr.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hydnopolyporus fimbriatus (Cooke) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hydnoporia Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hydnoporia olivacea (Schwein.) Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetales Oberw. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetaceae Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete sensu lato (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete carpatica Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete cruenta (Pers.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete damicornis (Link) Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete odontoides (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Fr.) S.H. He & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete quercicola S.H. He & Hai J. Li (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete rhododendricola S.H. He & Hai J. Li (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaete rubiginosa (Dicks.) Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis corrugata (Fr.) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis gigasetosa (Parmasto) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis intricata (Lloyd) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis lamellata (Y.C. Dai & Niemelä) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis laricicola S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis latesetosa (S.H. He & Hai J. Li) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis lenta (G.A. Escobar ex J.C. Léger) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis olivacea (Schwein.) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis rigidula (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis subrigidula (S.H. He & Hai J. Li) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis tabacina (Sowerby) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis tabacinoides (Yasuda) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hymenochaetopsis yasudae (Imazeki) S.H. He & Jiao Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphoderma occidentale (D.P. Rogers) Boidin & Gilles (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphoderma setigerum group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodermella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodermella corrugata (Fr.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodermella densa Melo & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia J. Erikss. sect. Hyphodontia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia sect. Corticiodontia Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia sect. Tubulicystidium Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia abieticola (Bourdot & Galzin) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia albicans (Pers.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia aloha Gilb. & Adask. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia altaica Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia alutaria (Burt) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia anmashanensis Yurchenko, H.X. Xiong & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia arguta (Fr.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia aspera (Fr.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia astrocystidiata Yurchenko & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia barba-jovis (Bull.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia boninensis (S. Ito & S. Imai) N. Maek. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia borealis Kotir. & Saaren. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia breviseta (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia bubalina Min Wang, Yuan Y. Chen & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia byssoidea (H. Furuk.) N. Maek. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia candidissima (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Langer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia capitatocystidiata H.X. Xiong, Y.C. Dai & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia chinensis Che-Chih Chen1 & Sheng-Hua Wu1,2 & Chi-Yu Chen1 (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia cineracea (Bourdot & Galzin) J. Erikss. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia crassa Sang H. Lin & Z.C. Chen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia crassispora Gresl. & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia crustosa (Pers.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia crustosoglobosa Hallenb. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia cunninghamii Gresl. & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia dhingrae Samita & Sanyal (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia dimorpha Sang H. Lin & Z.C. Chen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia efibulata J. Erikss. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia erikssonii (M. Galán & Wright) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia floccosa (Bourdot & Galzin) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia halonata J. Erikss. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia hastata (Litsch.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia hastifera Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia heterocystidiata H.X. Xiong, Y.C. Dai & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia knysnana (Van der Byl) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia latitans (Bourdot & Galzin) Ginns & M.N.L. Lefebvre (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia microfasciculata Yurchenko & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia microspora J. Erikss. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia mongolica Min Wang, Yuan Y. Chen & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia nespori (Bres.) J. Erikss. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia novozeelandica Gorjón & Gresl. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia ochroflava (Pat.) Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia orasinusensis Gilb. & M. Blackw. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia pallidula (Bres.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia pelliculae (H. Furuk.) N. Maek. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia propinqua Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia quercina (Pers.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia radula (Pers.) Langer & Vesterh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia reticulata Che-Chih Chen1 & Sheng-Hua Wu1,2 & Chi-Yu Chen1 (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia rimosissima (Peck) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia setulosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia spathulata (Schrad.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia subalutacea (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia subclavata Yurchenko, H.X. Xiong & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia subpallidula H.X. Xiong, Y.C. Dai & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia subspathulata (H. Furuk.) N. Maek. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia subtropica C.C. Chen & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia tenuissima Yurchenko & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia tuberculata Kotir. & Saaren. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontia vietnamensis Yurchenko & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hyphodontiastra Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hypochnicium J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hypochnicium bombycinum (Sommerf.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis dryophila (Berk.) Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis jamaicensis (Murrill) A.M. Gottlieb, J.E. Wright & Moncalvo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis ludoviciana (Pat.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis ludoviciana var. mellea (Murrill) E.B. Bailey comb. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis rheades (Pers.) Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis tamaricis (Pat.) Fiasson & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocutis texana (Murrill) S. Martínez (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotopsis Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotopsis subiculosa (Peck) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus P. Karst. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus amazonicus Gomes-Silva, Ryvarden & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus arizonicus Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus calcitratus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gomes-Silva & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus castanopsidis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus compositus Han C. Wang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus cuticularis (Bull.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus “endocrocinus” (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus farlowii (Lloyd) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus fulvomelleus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus glomeratus (Peck) Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus hastifer Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus henanensis Juan Li & Y.C. Dai (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus hispidus group (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus hispidus (Bull.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus krawtzewii (Pilát) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus leporinus (Fr.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus micantissimus (Rick) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus munzii (Lloyd) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus nidus-pici Pilát ex Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus nothofagi G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus obliquus (Ach. ex Pers.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus obliquus f. sterilis (Vanin) Balandaykin & Zmitr. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus pachyphloeus (Pat.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus patouillardii (Rick) Imazeki (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus portoricensis (Overh.) Baltazar & Gibertoni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus quercustris M. Blackw. & Gilb. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Inonotus rickii (Pat.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus shoreicola L.W. Zhou, Y.C. Dai & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus splitgerberi (Mont.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus tabacinus (Mont.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus triqueter (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inonotus ulmicola Corfixen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Irpex lacteus (Fr.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Irpicaceae Spirin & Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Irpiciporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ischnoderma P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ischnoderma benzoinum (Wahlenb.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ischnoderma resinosum (Schrad.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Jahnoporus Nuss (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Jahnoporus hirtus (Cooke) Nuss (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Jahnoporus hirtus (Cooke) Nuss (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia Corda (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia carneolutea (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia collabens (Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia fimbriatella (Peck) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia lacera (P. Karst.) Niemelä & Kinnunen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia luteoalba (P. Karst.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia nitida (Pers.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia pseudozilingiana (Parmasto) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia separabilima (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia subnitida H.S. Yuan & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Junghuhnia zonata (Bres.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Kneiffiella decorticans (Gresl. & Rajchenb.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Kneiffiella juniperi (Bourdot & Galzin) Jülich & Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Kneiffiella lanata (Burds. & Nakasone) Riebesehl & E. Langer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Kusaghiporia usambarensis J. Hussein, S. Tibell & Tibuhwa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laccocephalum basilapidoides McAlpine & Tepper (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laeticutis Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laeticutis cristata (Schaeff.) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporaceae Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus ailaoshanensis B.K. Cui & J. Song (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus baudonii (Pat.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus caribensis Banik & D.L. Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus cincinnatus (Morgan) Burds., Banik & T.J. Volk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus cincinnatus (Morgan) Burds., Banik & T.J. Volk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus conifericola Burds. & Banik (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus cremeiporus Y. Ota & T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus discolor (Klotzsch) Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus flos-musae Overeem (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus gilbertsonii Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus gilbertsonii var. pallidus Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus huroniensis Burds. & Banik (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus miniatus (Jungh.) Overeem (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus montanus Cerný ex Tomsovský & Jankovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus persicinus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus portentosus (Berk.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus squalidus R.M. Pires, Motato-Vásquez. & Gugliottta (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus sulphureus var. himalayansis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus versisporus (Lloyd) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus zonatus group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus zonatus B.K. Cui & J. Song (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus “sp-1” crypt. temp. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus “sp-2” crypt. temp. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laetiporus “sp-S1” crypt. temp. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lagarobasidium magnificum (Gresl. & Rajchenb.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lagarobasidium magnificum (Gresl. & Rajchenb.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lagarobasidium rickii (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lamelloporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lamelloporus americanus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Laricifomes officinalis (Batsch) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lasiochlaena (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lasiochlaena benzoina (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Leaia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Leifiporia eucalypti (Ryvarden) Y.C. Dai, F. Wu & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus alpacus Senthil. & S.K. Singh (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus anastomosans Rick (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus anthocephalus (Lév.) Pegler (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus araucariae Har. & Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus arcularius group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus arcularius (Batsch) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus atrobrunneus Pegler (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus badius (Berk.) Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus baguirmiensis Pat. & Har. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus bambusinus T.K.A. Kumar & Manim. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus berteroi (Fr.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus brumalis (Pers.) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus calyx (Spegazzini) Pegler (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus cladopus Lév (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus concavus (Berk.) Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus concentricus Karun., K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus concinnus Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus connatus Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus copulatus (Ehrenb.) Henn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus crinitus (L.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus dicholamellatus Manim. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus exipes (Fr.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus flexipes (Fr.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus glabratus Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus longiporus (Audet, Boulet & Sirard) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus megacystidiatus K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus nigro-osseus Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus polychrous Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus retinervis Pegler (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus roseus Karun., K.D. Hyde & Zhu L. Yang, (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus sajor-caju (Fr.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus scleropus (Pers.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus squarrosulus Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus striatulus Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus stuppeus Klotzsch (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus substrictus (Bolton) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus swartzii Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus tigrinus (Bull.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus tricholoma group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus tricholoma (Mont.) Zmitr (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus tuber-regium (Fr.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus villosus Klotzsch (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lentinus vossii (Kalchbr.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Leptoporus mollis (Pers.) Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Leucophellinus Bondartsev & Singer ex Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Leucophellinus hobsonii (Berk. ex Cooke) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus Lloyd ex Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus cameronensis C.S. Tan, S.T. Tay, H.Y. Yap (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus dimiticus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus ekombitii Douanla-Meli (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus goetzei (Henn.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus hainanensis B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus rhinocerotis (Cooke) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus sacer (Afzel. ex Fr.) Torrend (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lignosus tigris C.S. Tan, S.T. Tay, H.Y. Yap, S.T. Ng (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lopharia Kalchbr. & MacOwan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lopharia cinerascens (Schwein.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lopharia crassa (Lév.) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lopharia “fp-105043” crypt. temp. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lopharia mirabilis (Berk. & Broome) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lopharia papyrina (Mont.) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces (Kotl. & Pouzar) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces fractipes (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces sibiricus (Penzina & Ryvarden) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces spissus Westphalen, Tomšovský & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces subgiganteus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces tomentosus Westphalen, Tomšovský & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweomyces wynneae (Berk. & Broome) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Loweporus J.E. Wright (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Loweporus lividus (Kalchbr. ex Cooke) J.E. Wright (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Lyomyces P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lyomyces eburneus (Hjortstam & Høgholen) Riebesehl & E. Langer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lyomyces macrescens (Banker) Riebesehl & E. Langer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Magoderna Steyaert (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Magoderna subresinosum (Murrill) Steyaert (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporia major (G.Y. Zheng & Z.S. Bi) B.K. Cui & Hai J. Li (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporia rimosa Y. Yuan, X.H. Ji & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporia tropica Y. Yuan, X.H. Ji & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporia yunnanensis Y. Yuan, X.H. Ji & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporoporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporoporia cavernulosa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Megasporoporia setulosa (Henn.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Melanoporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Membranicium (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meripilaceae Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meripilus P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meripilus sumstinei (Murrill) M.J. Larsen & Lombard (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meruliaceae P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meruliopsis Bondartsev (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meruliopsis cystidiata (Ryvarden) P.E. Jung & Y.W. Lim (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Meruliopsis taxicola (Pers.) Bondartsev (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Merulius tremellosus Schrad. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Metuloidea G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Metuloidea cinnamomea (Iturr. & Ryvarden) Miettinen & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Metuloidea fragrans (A. David & Tortic) Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporellus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporellus dealbatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporellus obovatus (Jungh.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus P. Beauv. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus affinis (Blume & T. Nees) Kuntze (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus flabelliformis (Fr.) Kuntze (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus microloma (Lév.) Kuntze (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus subvernicipes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus vernicipes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Microporus xanthopus (Fr.) Kuntze (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycoacia nothofagi (G. Cunn.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycoaciella J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycoaciella badia (Pat.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycoaciella bispora (Stalpers) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycoaciella brunnea (Jülich) Hjortstam & Spooner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycoaciella hinnulea (Bres.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium adustulum (Banker) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium adustum (Schwein.) Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium adustum (Schwein.) Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium africanum Mossebo & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium citrinum Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium sessile H.S. Yuan & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Mycorrhaphium stereoides (Cooke) Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Navisporus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Navisporus floccosus (Bres.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoalbatrellus Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoalbatrellus caeruleoporus (Peck) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoalbatrellus subcaeruleoporus Audet & B.S. Luther (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoantrodia serialiformis (Kout & Vlasák) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoantrodia serialis (Fr.) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoantrodia serrata (J. Vlasák & V. Spirin) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoantrodia variiformis (Peck) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neodatronia B.K. Cui, Hai J. Li & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neodatronia sinensis B.K. Cui, Hai J. Li &Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neodictyopus Palacio, Robledo, Reck & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neodictyopus atlanticae Palacio, Robledo & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neodictyopus dictyopus (Mont.) Palacio, Robledo & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neodictyopus gugliottae Palacio, Grassi & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofavolus Sotome & T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofavolus alveolaris (DC.) Sotome & T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofavolus cremeoalbidus Sotome & T. Hatt., sp. nov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofavolus mikawai (Lloyd) Sotome & T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofavolus suavissimus (Fr.) J.S. Seelan, Justo & Hibbett (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofavolus “sp-ADD5” J.S. Seelan, Justo and Hibbett crypt. temp. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofomitella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofomitella fumosipora (Corner) Y.C. Dai, Hai J. Li & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofomitella polyzonata Y.C. Dai, Hai J. Li & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neofomitella rhodophaea (Lév.) Y.C. Dai, Hai J. Li & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus Redhead & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus adhaerens (Alb. & Schwein.) Redhead & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus cyathiformis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus dactyloides (Cleland) Redhead & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus kauffmanii (A.H. Sm.) Redhead & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus lepideus (Fr.) Redhead & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentinus schaefferi (Weinm.) Redhead & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentiporus Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neolentiporus maculatissimus (Lloyd) Rajchenb., Nordic Jl Bot. 15(1): 106 (1995) (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigrofomes castaneus (Imazeki) Teng (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigrofomes melanoporus (Mont.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigrofomes sinomelanoporus L.W. Zhou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigrofomitaceae Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus durus (Jungh.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus macroporus Ryvarden & Iturr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus occidentalis Drew Henderson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus scalaris (Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus stipitatus Douanla-Meli & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus ussuriensis (Bondartsev & Ljub.) Y.C. Dai & Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nigroporus vinosus (Berk.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Niveoporofomes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Niveoporofomes spraguei (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Niveoporofomes spraguei (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nothophellinus Rajchenb. & Pildain (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Nothophellinus andinopatagonicus (J.E. Wright & J.R. Deschamps) Rajchenb. & Pildain (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Odontiopsis hyphodontia Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus Bref. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus amarus (Hedgc.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus balsaminus (Niemelä & Y.C. Dai) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus cerifluus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus floriformis (Quél.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus hibernicus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus leucomallellus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus lowei (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus minusculoides (Pilát ex Pilát) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus pelliculosus (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus perdelicatus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus rancidus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus rennyi (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus sequoiae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus sericeomollis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus subpendulus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oligoporus undosus (Peck) Gilbertson & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Onnia P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Onnia circinata (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Onnia leporina (Fr.) Jahn (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Onnia orientalis Lloyd) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Onnia tomentosa (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Onnia triquetra (Pers.) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Osmoporus mexicanus (Mont.) Y.C. Dai & S.H. He (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Osteina obducta (Berk.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oxyporus bucholtzii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oxyporus cervinogilvus (Jungh.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oxyporus corticola (Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oxyporus cuneatus (Murrill) Aoshima (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Oxyporus obducens (Pers.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pachykytospora (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pachykytospora papyracea (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pachykytospora tuberculosa (Fr.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Panaceae Miettinen, Justo & Hibbett (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Panus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Panus conchatus (Bull.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Panus lecomtei (Fr.) Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Panus strigellus (Berk.) Overh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Panus velutinus (Fr.) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Peniophorella praetermissa (P. Karst.) K.H. Larss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Peniophorella pubera (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia amylodextrinoidea Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia aridula B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia aurantiaca (A. David & Rajchenb.) Decock & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia bambusicola Choeyklin, T. Hatt. & E.B.G. Jones (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia bannaensis B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia compacta (Overh.) Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia contraria (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia ellipsospora Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia ellipsospora Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia ellisiana (F.W. Anderson) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia fergusii Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia fergusii Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia fraxinophila (Peck) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia lacerata B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia luteola B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia maackiae (Bondartsev & Ljub.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia medulla-panis (Jacq.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia meridionalis Decock & Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia nanlingensis B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia paraguyanensis Lira & Gibertoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia phloiophila Gilb. & M. Blackw. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia podocarpi P.K. Buchanan & Hood (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia rufidochmia (Corner) T. Hatt. & Sotome (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia stipitata Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia subacida (Peck) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia subannosa (Bres.) Decock, S. Herrera & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia substraminea B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia tenuis (Schwein.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia tianmuensis B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia tibetica B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporia variegata Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporiella Decock & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Perenniporiopsis minutissima (Yasuda) C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeolus (Pat.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeolus amazonicus De Jesus & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeolus fibrillosus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeolus schweinitzii group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeolus schweinitzii (Fr.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeolus subbulbipes (Henn.) O. Fidalgo & M. Fidalgo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phaeotrametes decipiens (Berk.) J.E. Wright (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaetaceae Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete aculeata Hallenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete affinis (Burt) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete alba Sang H. Lin & Z.C. Chen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete allantospora Burds. & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete alnea (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete aluticolor (Bres. & Torrend) Melo, J. Cardoso, M. Dueñas, Salcedo & Tellería (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete andreae Burds., Beltrán-Tej. & Rodríguez-Armas (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete arenata (P.H.B. Talbot) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete areolata (G. Cunn.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete argillacea Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete arizonica Burds. & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete aurata (Bourdot & Galzin) Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete australis Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete avellanea (Bres.) J. Erikss. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete brunnea Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete bubalina Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete burtii (Romell) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete cacaina (Bourdot & Galzin) Burds. & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete calotricha (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete cana (Burt) Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete capitata Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete carnosa (Burt) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete caucasica (Parmasto) Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete chrysosporium Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete cremeoochracea (Bourdot & Galzin) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete deflectens (P. Karst.) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete inflata (B.S. Jia & B.K. Cui) Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete laevis (Fr.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete magnoliae (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete omnivora (Shear) Burds. & Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete sanguinea (Fr.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete sordida (P. Karst.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete tuberculata (P. Karst.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phanerochaete velutina (DC.) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinidium (Kotl.) Fiasson & Niemelä (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinidium aciferium Y. C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinidium asiaticum Spirin, Li-Wei Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinidium fragrans (M.J. Larsen & Lombard) Nuss (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinopsis andina (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinopsis asetosa L.W. Zhou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinopsis conchata (Pers.) Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinopsis overholtsii (Ginns) L.W. Zhou & Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinotus Drechsler-Santos, Robledo & Rajchenberg (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinotus neoaridus Drechsler-Santos & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinotus piptadeniae (Teixeira) Drechsler-Santos & Robledo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus Quél. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus allardii (Bres.) S. Ahmad (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus alni (Bondartsev) Parmasto (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus arctostaphyli (Long) Niemelä (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus artemisiae Vlasák & Vlasák f. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus badius (Berk. ex Cooke) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus bambusicola L.W. Zhou & B.S. Jia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus betulinus (Murrill) Parmasto (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus bicuspidatus Lombard & M.J. Larsen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus caribaeo-quercicola Decock & S. Herrera (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus chaquensis (Iaconis & J.E. Wright) J.E. Wright & J.R. Deschamps (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus cinereus (Niemelä) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus contiguus (Pers.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus coronadensis Rizzo, Gieser & Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus formosanus T.T. Chang & W.N. Chou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus gabonensis Decock & Yombiyeni, in Yombiyeni, Douanla-Meli, Amalfi & Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus glaucescens (Petch) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus hippophaecola H. Jahn (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus igniarius (L.) Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus igniarius var. trivialis (Bres. ex Killerm.) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus inermis (Ellis & Everh.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus laevigatus (P. Karst.) Bourdot & Galzin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus lundellii Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus monticola L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus neolundellii Zmitr., Malysheva & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus nigricans (Fr.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus nigrolimitatus (Romell) Niemelä, T. Wagner & M. Fisch., (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus nilgheriensis (Mont.) Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus noxius (Corner) G. Cunn (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus orientoasiaticus L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus padicola L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus palmicola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus parmastoi L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus pilatii Černý (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus pomaceoides Vlasák & L.W. Zhou (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus pomaceus (Pers.) Maire (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus populicola Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus portoricensis (Overh.) M. Fidalgo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus prunicola (Murrill) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus repandus (Overh.) Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus resupinatus M. Fisch., M. Cloete, L. Mostert & F. Halleen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus rhytiphloeus Ryvarden & Johansen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus rickii Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus rufitinctus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Cooke) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus sancti-georgii (Pat.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus sanfordii (Lloyd) Ryvarden (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus sarcites (Fr.) Ryvarden [as ‘sarcitus’] (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus semihispidus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus setulosus (Lloyd) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus spiculosus (W.A. Campb. & R.W. Davidson) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus tremulae (Bondartsev) Bondartsev & P.N. Borisov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phellinus “sp-NA1” crypt. temp. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phellinus “sp-PH1” crypt. temp. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phlebiaceae Jülich (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phlebia acerina Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebia coccineofulva Schwein. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebia radiata Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebia rosea (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebia rufa (Pers.) M.P. Christ. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebia subochracea (Alb. & Schwein.) J. Erikss. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebia tremellosa (Schrad.) Nakasone & Burds. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebiopsis Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebiopsis afibulata (G. Cunn.) Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebiopsis crassa (Lév.) D. Floudas & Hibbett (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebiopsis flavidoalba (Cooke) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebiopsis gigantea (Fr.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phlebiopsis papyrina (Mont.) Miettinen & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia afrospathulata Yombiyeni & Decock (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia crataegi L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia elegans Ferreira-Lopes, Robledo & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia fontanesiae L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia fulva (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia gutta L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia inonotoides (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia lespedezae G.J. Ren & F. Wu (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia littoralis Decock & Yombiyeni (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia manglietiae Yuan Y. Chen & B.K. Cui (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia nandinae L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia nodostipitata Ferreira-Lopes & Drechsler-Santos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Phylloporia parasitica Murrill (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia pendula Yuan Y. Chen & B.K. Cui (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia pseudopectinata Yuan Y. Chen & B.K. Cui (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Phylloporia spathulata (Hook.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Physisporinus P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Physisporinus crataegi Fang Wu, Jia-Jia Chen, Xiao-Hong Ji, Josef Vlasák & Yu-Cheng Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Physisporinus crocatus (Pat.) F. Wu, Jia J. Chen & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Physisporinus lavendulus F. Wu, Jia J. Chen & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Physisporinus lineatus (Pers.) F. Wu, Jia J. Chen & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Physisporinus subcrocatus F. Wu, Jia J. Chen & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes admirabilis (Peck) J.L. Zhou & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes americanus (Vlasák & Y.C. Dai) J.L. Zhou & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes badius (Pers.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes melanopus (Pers.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes rhizophilus (Pat.) J.L. Zhou & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes subtubaeformis J.L. Zhou & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Picipes tubaeformis (P. Karst.) Zmitr. & Kovalenko (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Piptoporus roseovinaceus Choeyklin, T. Hatt. & E.B.G. Jones (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pirex concentricus (Cooke & Ellis) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podofomes Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podofomes corrugis (Fr.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podofomes pyrenaicus F. Rath (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podofomes trogii (Fr.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha aculeata (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha bolleana (Mont.) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha brasiliensis D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha bubalina D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha caespitosa (Burt) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha corbiformis (Fr.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha corneri D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha cristata (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha elegans (G. Mey.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha fulvonitens (Berk.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha gillesii Boidin & Lanq. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha glabrescens (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha involuta (Klotzsch) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha macrorhiza (Lév.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha mellissii (Berk. ex Sacc.) Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha moelleri (Bres. & Henn.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha moselei (Berk.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha multizonata (Berk. & Broome) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha nitidula (Berk.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha nuda Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha ovalispora D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha parvula (Lloyd) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha petalodes (Berk.) Boidin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha petalodes (Berk.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha petalodes subsp. floriformis (Lloyd) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha philippinensis D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha ravenelii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha replicata (Lloyd) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Podoscypha sergentiorum Maire (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporales Gäum. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Polyporaceae Corda (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporoletus Snell (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporopsis mexicana (Laferr. & Gilb.) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus brittonii (Murrill) Overh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus ciliatus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus dictyopus group Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus gayanus Lév. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus grammocephalus Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus guianensis Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus indigenus I.J.Araujo & Sousa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus leprieurii Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus melanopus group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus pallidocervinus Schwein. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus philippinensis Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus radicatus Schwein. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus sapurema Möller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus subpurpurascens (Murrill) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus talpae Cooke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus tricholoma Mont. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Polyporus tuberaster (Jacq. ex Pers.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea cedrina Pilat ex M. Tomsovsky & J. Kout (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea chinensis S.J. Dai & F. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea chrysoloma (Fr.) Fiasson & Niemela (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea gilbertsonii (M.J. Larsen) V. Papp (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea himalayensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea laricis (Jacz. ex Pilát) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea niemelaei M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea piceina (Peck) Niemelä (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porodaedalea pini (Brot.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porostereum Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Porostereum spadiceum (Pers.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia subgenus Cyanosporus (McGinty) V. Papp (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Postia africana (Ryvarden) V. Papp (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Postia alni Niemelä & Vampola (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Postia arbuti Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia atrostrigosa (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia balsamea (Peck) Jülich (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Postia brunnea Rajchenb. & P.K.Buchanan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia caesia (Schrad.) P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia caesiosimulans (G.F. Atk.) Spirin & Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia ceriflua (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia comata Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia cylindrica H.S. Yuan (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Postia dissecta (Cooke) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia duplicata LU-LU SHEN, BAO-KAI CUI & YU-CHENG DAI (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia floriformis (Quél.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia fragilis (Fr.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia gloeopora L.L. Shen, B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia guttulata (Sacc.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia lateritia Renvall (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia leucomallella (Murrill) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia leucospongia (Cooke & Harkness) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia livens Miettinen & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia mappa (Overh. & J. Lowe) M.J. Larsen & Lombard (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia ochraceoalba L.L. Shen, B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia pelliculosa (Berk.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia perdelicata (Murrill) M.J. Larsen & Lombard (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia ptychogaster (F. Ludw.) Vesterh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia punctata Rajchenb. & P.K. Buchanan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia rancida (Bres.) M.J. Larsen & Lombard (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia rennyi (Berk. & Br.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia rennyi (Berk. & Br.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia stiptica (Pers.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia subcaesia (A. David) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia subviridis (Ryvarden & Guzmán) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Postia tephroleuca (Fr.) Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudofavolus Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudofavolus cucullatus (Mont.) Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudofavolus miquelii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudoinonotus T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudoinonotus chondromyelus (Pegler) T. Wagner & M. Fischer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudoinonotus crustosus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudoinonotus dryadeus (Pers.) T. Wagner & M. Fisch. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudoinonotus hoehnelii (Bres.) Zmitr., Malysheva & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudoinonotus victoriensis (Lloyd) T. Wagner & M. Fischer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium J.C. Jang & T. Chen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium acaciicola Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium belizense Nakasone & D.L. Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium calcareum (Cooke & Massee) Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium leguminicola J.C. Jang & T. Chen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium modestum (Berk. ex Cooke) Nakasone & D.L. Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium pronum (Berk. & Broome) Nakasone & D.L. Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium pusillum Nakasone & D.L. Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudolagarobasidium venustum (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Nakasone & D.L. Lindner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudomegasporoporia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudomegasporoporia neriicola F. Wu & X.H. Ji (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudonadsoniella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudonadsoniella brunnea T.O. Kondr. & S.Y. Kondr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudophaeolus baudonii (Pat.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pseudowrightoporia cylindrospora (Ryvarden) Y.C. Dai, Jia J. Chen & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pycnoporellus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pycnoporellus alboluteus (Ellis & Everh.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pycnoporellus fulgens (Fr.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes Kotlába & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes castanopsidis B.K. Cui & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes demidoffii group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes demidoffii (Lév.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes fulvoumbrinus (Bres.) A. David & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes juniperinus (H. Schrenk) J. Vlasák & V. Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes juniperinus subsp. earlei (Murrill) Vlasák & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pyrofomes lateritius (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon americanus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon aneirinus (Sommerf.) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon casearius (Morgan) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon cirrhatinus Hjortstam & Spooner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon copelandii (Pat.) N. Maek. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon erikssonii Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon licentii (Pilát) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon revolubilis Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodon subvinosus (Berk. & Broome) Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodontia Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Radulodontia pyriformis Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ranadivia modesta (Kunze ex Fr.) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Resinoporia sordida (Ryvarden & Gilb.) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhizochaete Gresl., Nakasone & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhizochaete borneensis (Jülich) Gresl., Nakasone & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhizochaete filamentosa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gresl., Nakasone & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomes Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomes cajanderi (P. Karst.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomes carneus (Blume & T. Nees) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomes subzonatus (Peck) E.B. Bailey comb. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis africana (Mossebo & Ryvarden) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis cupreorosea (Berk.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis feei (Fr.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis flabellata (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis lilacinogilva (Berk.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodofomitopsis roseomagna Nogueira-Melo, A.M. Soares & Gibertoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rhodonia placenta (Fr.) Niemelä, K.H. Larss. & Schigel 2005 (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rickenellaceae Vizzini (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rickenella Raithelh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rickenella fibula (Bull.) Raithelh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rickiopora Westphalen, Tomšovský & Rajchenb. gen. nov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rickiopora latemarginata Westphalen, Tomšovský & Rajchenb. comb. nov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporopsis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus adnatus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus albiporus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus aurantiacus Ryvarden & Iturr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus biokoensis (Bres. ex Lloyd) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus dextrinoideus I. Johans. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus grandisporus Ryvarden, Gomes-Silva & Gibertoni (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus laetus (Cooke) P.K. Buchanan & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus malayanus (Corner) T. Hatt. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus micropendulus Læssøe & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus microporus (Sw.) Overeem (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus ochraceicinctus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus parvulus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus populinus (Schumach.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus sanguinolentus (Alb. & Schwein.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus sublineatus Audet & Boulet nom. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus submicroporus F. Wu, Jia J. Chen & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus trametoides Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus ulmarius (Sowerby) Imazeki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus umbonatipes Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus undatus (Pers.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus vinaceus Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rigidoporus vinctus (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Roseograndinia Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Roseograndinia rosea (Henn.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rubellofomes B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rubellofomes cystidiatus (B.K. Cui & M.L. Han) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rubellofomes minutisporus (Rajchenb.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Russula aurantioflammans (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ryvardenia Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ryvardenia campyla (Berk.) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ryvardenia cretacea (Lloyd) Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sanghuangporus Sheng H. Wu, L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sanghuangporus Sheng H. Wu, L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sanghuangporus weigelae (T. Hatt. & Sheng H. Wu) Sheng H. Wu, L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sarcodontia crocea (Schwein.) Kotl. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sarcodontia spumea (Sowerby) Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Schizoporaceae Jülich (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Scutiger pes-caprae (Pers.) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sidera lenis (P. Karst.) Miettinen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema brinkmannii (Bres.) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema confluens Pers. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema coroniferum (Höhnel & Litschauer) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema dennisii Malençon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema efibulatum (Eriksson) Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema muscicola (Pers.) S. Lundell (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema oblongisporum M.P. Christ. & Hauerslev (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema octosporum (J. Schroet. : Höhn. & Litsch.) Hallenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotrema raduloides (P. Karst.) Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotremastrum J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotremastrum chilensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotremastrum niveocremeum (Höhn. & Litsch.) J. Erikss. 1958 (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sistotremastrum suecicum Litsch. ex J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Skeletocutis Kotl. & Pouzar (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Skeletocutis mopanshanensis (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Sparassidaceae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparassiella Wang, Z., Binder, M., Dai, Y.-C., & Hibbett, D.S. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparassis americana f. arizonica R.H. Petersen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparassis brevipes Krombh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparassis radicata Weir (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparassis spathulata (Schwein.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparassis spathulata f. herbstii (Peck) R.H. Petersen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sparsitubus nelumbiformis L.W. Xu & J.D. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Spongipellis Pat. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Spongipellis delectans (Peck) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Spongipellis pachyodon (Pers.) Kotl. & Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Spongipellis unicolor (Schwein) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Spongiporus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sporotrichopsis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Sporotrichopsis terrestris (Schulzer) Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stecchericium seriatum (Lloyd) Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinaceae Parmasto (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Steccherinum Gray (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum adustum (Schwein.) Banker (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum agaricoides (Sw.) Banker (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum aggregatum Hjortstam & Spooner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum albofibrillosum (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hallenb. & Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum bourdotii Saliba & A. David (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum ciliolatum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Budington (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum confragosum Maas Geest. & Lanq. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum crassiusculum K.A. Harrison (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum cremeoalbum Hjortstam (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum cremicolor H.S. Yuan & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum elongatum H.S. Yuan & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum galeritum Maas Geest. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum gracile (Pilát) Parmasto (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum lusitanicum (Bres.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum meridionale (Rajchenb.) Westphalen, Tomšovský & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum neonitidum Westphalen & Tomšovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum ochraceum (Pers.) Gray (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum oreophilum Lindsey & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum polycystidiferum (Rick) Westphalen, Tomšovský & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum rawakense (Pers.) Banker (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum reniforme (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Banker (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum resupinatum G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum robustius (J. Erikss. & S. Lundell) J. Erikss. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum straminellum (Bres.) Melo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum subcrinale (Peck) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum subrawakense Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum tenue Burds. & Nakasone (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Steccherinum undigerum (Berk & M.A. Curtis) Westphalen & Tomšovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stereopsis D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stereopsis hiscens (Berk. & Ravenel) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stereopsis humphreyi (Burt) Redhead & D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stiptophyllum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stiptophyllum erubescens (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Stromatoscypha Donk (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Subantrodia juniperina (Murrill) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Taiwanofungus camphoratus (M. Zang & C.H. Su) Sheng H. Wu, Z.H. Yu, Y.C. Dai & C.H. Su (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Terana Adans. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Terana caerulea (Schrad. ex Lam.) Kuntze (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tinctoporellus Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tinctoporellus epimiltinus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tomophagus cattienensis Le Xuan Tham & J.M. Moncalvo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tomophagus colossus (Fr.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametella gallica (Fr.) Teixeira (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametella trogii (Berk.) Domański (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Trametes Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes acuta Cooke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes aesculi (Fr.) Justo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes apiaria (Persoon) Zmitrovich, Wasser & Ezhov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes betulina (L.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes biogilvoides Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes bresadolae Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes castaneifumosa Corner (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes cingulata Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes cinnabarina (Jacq.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes coccinea (Fr.) Hai J. Li & S.H. He (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes conchifer (Schwein.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes cubensis (Mont.) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes cystidiolophora B.K. Cui & H.J. Li (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes demoulinii G. Castillo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes drummondii (Klotzsch) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes ectypa (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes elegans (Spreng.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes flavida (Léveillé) Zmitrovich, Wasser & Ezhov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes gibbosa (Pers.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes hirsuta (Wulfen) Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes hostmannii (Berk.) Zmitr., Wasser & Ezhov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes incerta (Curr.) Cooke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes lactinea (Berk.) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes marianna (Pers.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes maxima (Mont.) A. David & Rajchenb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes membranacea (Fr.) Kreisel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes menziesii (Berk.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes modesta (Kunze ex Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes nivosa (Berk.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes occidentalis Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes ochracea (Pers.) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes ochroflava Cooke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes orientalis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes pavonia (Hook.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes pubescens (Schumach.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes sanguinea (L.) Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes strumosa (Fr.) Zmitr., Wasser & Ezhov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes suaveolens (L.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes subectypus (Murrill) Gilb. & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes supermodesta Ryvarden & Iturr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes velutina (Pers.) G. Cunn. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes versicolor (L.) Lloyd (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes villosa (Sw.) Kreisel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametes warnieri (Durieu & Mont.) Zmitr., Wasser & Ezhov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametopsis Tomšovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trametopsis cervina (Schwein.) Tomšovský (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trechispora alnicola (Bourd. & Galz.) Lib. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trechispora araneosa (Höhn. & Litsch.) Larsson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trechispora araneosa (Höhn. & Litsch.) Larsson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trechispora christiansenii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trechispora cohaerens (Schwein.) Jülich & Stalpers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trechispora hirschii (Donk) D.P. Rogers (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum abietinum (Pers. ex J.F. Gmel.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum biforme (Fr.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum byssogenum (Jungh.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum fumosoavellaneum (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum fuscoviolaceum (Ehrenb.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum imbricatum Y.C. Dai & B.K. Cui (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum laricinum (P. Karst.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum molestum (Corner) T. Hatt. & Sotome (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum perenne Y.C. Dai & H.S. Yuan, sp. nov (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum perrottetii (Lév.) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum podocarpi Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum sector (Ehrenb.) Kreisel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum strigosum Corner, Beih. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichaptum subchartaceum (Murrill) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus L.W. Zhou, Y.C. Dai & Sheng H. Wu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus boehmeriae (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus dependens (Murrill) L.W. Zhou, Y.C. Dai & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus drechsleri Salvador-Montoya & Popoff (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus excentrodendri L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus guanacastensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus stratificans (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tropicoporus tropicalis (M.J. Larsen & Lombard) L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora Pilát ex Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora arizonica Spirin & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora atlantica Spirin & Vlasák (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora detrita (Berk.) Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora floridana Vlasák & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora japonica (Yasuda) Zmitr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora macrospora B.K. Cui & C.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora mexicana Vlasák, Spirin & Kout (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora oboensis Decock (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora ochroleuca (Berk.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora ohiensis (Berk.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora ohiensis (Berk.) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora ornata Spirin & Bukharova (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora tropicalis Vlasák & Spirin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora truncatospora (Lloyd) S. Ito (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Truncospora wisconsinensis C.L. Zhao & D.H. Pfister (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tyromyces P. Karst. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tyromyces aquosus Leif Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tyromyces chioneus (Fr.) P. Karst. (Erlon (Herbert Baker))
Tyromyces galactinus (Berk.) J. Lowe (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tyromyces kmetii (Bres.) Bondartsev & Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tyromyces subgiganteus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ungulidaedalea B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Ungulidaedalea fragilis (B.K. Cui & M.L. Han) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han & Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Vanderbylia D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Vanderbylia fraxinea (Bull.) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Vanderbylia nigroapplanata (Van der Byl) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Vanderbylia robiniophila comb. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Vanderbylia vicina (Lloyd) D.A. Reid (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Wolfiporia Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Wolfiporia dilatohypha Ryvarden & Gilb. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Wolfiporia extensa (Peck) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Wolfiporia sulphurea (Burt) Ginns (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Wrightoporia austrosinensis Y.C. Dai (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Wrightoporia avellanea (Bres.) Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporia Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporia andersonii (Ellis & Everh.) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporia nodulosa (Fr.) Ţura, Zmitr., Wasser, Raats & Nevo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporia radiata (Sowerby) Ţura, Zmitr., Wasser, Raats & Nevo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporus Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporus peckianus (Cooke) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xanthoporus syringae (Parmasto) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon (Pers.) Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon flaviporus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis ex Cooke) Riebesehl & E. Langer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon lutescens Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon nesporina (Hallenb. & Hjortstam) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon niemelaei (Sheng H. Wu) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon nothofagi (G. Cunn.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon nudisetus (Warcup & P.H.B. Talbot) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon paradoxus (Schrad.) Chevall. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon pruniaceus (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon raduloides (Pers.) Riebesehl & E. Langer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon rudis (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon subscopinellus (G. Cunn.) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon syringae (Langer) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon tenuicystidius (Hjortstam & Ryvarden) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Xylodon verruculosus (J. Erikss. & Hjortstam) Hjortstam & Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Yuchengia (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Yuchengia narymica (Pilát) B.K. Cui, C.L. Zhao & Steffen (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))


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