Project: Connecticut Mycoflora Project

Created: 2017-12-16

Owned By: Robert(the 3 foragers) (the3foragers)

User Group: Connecticut Mycoflora Project

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Summary: The project is created for an ongoing research in Connecticut
To build a complete list of every species of macro-fungi in Connecticut.
To compile six kinds of basic biodiversity information for each species
-microscopic data,
-DNA barcode,
-seasonality data,
-distribution map,
-and ecology.

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By: Robert(the 3 foragers) (the3foragers)
2018-12-01 07:40:25 HST (-1000)

Please keep in mind that Whatever kind of boletes we photograph and document will send it to DNA. Later we can start a different group of mushroom but for now I think we should focus on documenting all our boletes in Connecticut. Climate change is upon us you never know what we find next year or what we dont find.

I’m starting to add OBsies to MO from old photos only but for here…
By: Bill (boletebill)
2018-12-01 05:24:19 HST (-1000)

I’ll follow the criteria Robert suggests for new obsies to this project. A great project I fully support.

Great idea
By: Gerard1
2017-12-16 07:27:24 HST (-1000)

Excellent idea. CT is a huge riparian, high nutrient, humid continental temperate zone that is perfect for myco life. Many of the species here are new or relatively new alien species from other temperate zones, such as L. ceres from Aus. The high degree of mycophobia aside, it is a perfect place to find a number of desired species; I am regularly surprised by finding species that are maybe not designated for this area in terms of origin or expectation. Should be amazing to see what you catalogue and sequence.

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