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Summary: study of the family Tricholomataceae

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Aspropaxillus Kühner & Maire (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Bonomyces Vizzini (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cleistocybe Ammirati, A.D. Parker & Matheny (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Giacomia Vizzini & Contu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Hygrophorocybe (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Lepistella T.J. Baroni & Ovrebo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Leucopaxillus Boursier (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Notholepista Vizzini & Contu (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Paralepista Raithelh. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Paralepistopsis Vizzini (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Trichocybe Vizzini (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma (Fr.) Staude (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma subgenus Tricholoma (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma subgenus Dermoloma J.E. Lange (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma subgenus Humidicutis Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma subgenus Tricholosporum (Guzmán) Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Albobrunnea (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Caligata Konrad & Maubl. ex Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Genuina (Fr.) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Megatricholoma (G. Kost) Mort. Chr. & Noordel. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Muscaria Reschke (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Pardinicutis (Singer) (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Sericella (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma sect. Terrea (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma acerbum (Bull.) Vent. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma acris Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma aestuans (Fr.) Gillet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma albidum Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma albobrunneum (Pers.) P. Kumm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma album group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma album (Schaeff.) P. Kumm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma apium group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma apium Jul. Schäff. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma argenteum Ovrebo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma argyraceum (Bull.) Gillet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma arvernense Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma atrodiscus Ovrebo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma atrosquamosum Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma atrosquamosum var. nigromarginatum Bres. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma atrosquamosum var. squarrulosum (Bres.) Mort. Chr. & Noordel. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma atroviolaceum A.H. Sm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma aurantio-olivaceum A.H. Sm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma aurantium (Schaeff.) Ricken (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma australis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma basirubens (Bon) A. Riva & Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma batschii Gulden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma bonii Basso & Candusso (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma boreosulphurescens Mort. Chr. & Heilm.-Claus. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma borgsjoeënse Jacobsson & Muskos (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma boudieri Barla (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma bresadolanum Clémençon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma bresadolanum Clémençon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma bryogenum Mort. Chr., Heilm.-Claus. & Vauras (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma bufonium (Pers.) Gillet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma caligatum group sensu Besette et al. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma caligatum (Viv.) Ricken (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma caligatum sensu auct. amer. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma cedretorum (Bon) A. Riva (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma cheilolaminum Ovrebo & Tylutki (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma cingulatum (Almfelt) Jacobasch (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma coarctatum (Cooke & Massee) Saccardo 1889 (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma colossus (Fr.) Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma columbetta (Fr.) P. Kumm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma columbetta var. sericeum (Krombh.) Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma concolor (Delile ex De Seynes) P.-A. Moreau, Bellanger & Courtec (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma crassum Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma davisiae Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma equestre group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma equestre (L.) P. Kumm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma equestre var. albipes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma eucalypticum Pearson (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma filamentosum (Alessio) Alessio (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma flavobrunneum (Fr.) P. Kumm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma floridanum (Murrill) Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma focale (Fr.) Ricken (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma focale (Fr.) Ricken (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma foliicola Har. Takah. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fracticum (Britzelm.) Kreisel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma frondosae Kalamees & Shchukin (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fucatum (Fr.) P. Kumm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fulvocastaneum Hongo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fulvocastaneum Hongo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fulvum (DC.) Bigeard & H. Guill. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fumidellum (Peck) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma fumidellum (Peck) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma muricatum Shanks (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma smithii Ovrebo & K.W. Hughes (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Tricholoma “stanford-gray” (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))


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