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Agaricus L. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus subgenus Agaricus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus subgenus Chitonia Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus sect. Arvenses (Konrad & Maubl.) Konrad & Maubl. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus sect. Hondenses R.L. Zhao & L.A. Parra (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus sect. Kerrigania L.A. Parra, Angelini, B. Ortiz, Linda J. Chen & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus sect. Xanthodermatei Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus alabamensis Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus alboargillascens (Pearson) Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus albolutescens Zeller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus altipes (F.H. Møller) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus amicosus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus andrewii A.E. Freeman (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus angelicus Speg. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus angusticystidiatus M.Q. He, Desjardin, K.D. Hyde & R.L. Zhao (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus anisarius Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus annae Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus approximans group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus approximans Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus argenteopurpureus L.A. Parra, Angelini & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus argenteus Braendle (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus argenteus subsp. annetteae Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus argyropotamicus Speg. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus aridicola Geml, Geiser & Royse ex Mateos, J. Morales, J.A. Muñoz, Rey & C. Tovar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus arizonicus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus arorae Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus arvensis group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus arvensis Schaeff. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus augustus group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus augustus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus auricolor group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus auricolor V. Brig. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus austrovinaceus Grgur. & T.W. May (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bellanniae Guinb., Kerrigan & M. Kuo (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus benesii group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus benesii (Pilát) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bernardi Quél. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bernardiiformis Bohus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus berryessae Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus biannulatus Mua, L.A. Parra, Cappelli & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bisporus (J.E. Lange) Imbach (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bitorquis (Quél.) Sacc. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus blandianus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus blazei Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bohusii Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus bresadolanus Bohus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus brunneofibrillosus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus buckmacadooi Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus buckmacadooi Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus butyreburneus Kerrigan, Guinb. & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus californicus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus campestris L. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus campestris L. var. campestris (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus campestris var. equestris (F.H. Møller) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus candussoi L.A. Parra, Angelini & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cappellianus Hlaváček (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus caribaeus Pegler (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cervinifolius (Zeller) Hotson & D.E. Stuntz (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus chartaceus T. Lebel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus chiangmaiensis Karun., Guinb. & K.D. Hyde (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus chionodermus Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus chionodermus sensu lato (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus chlamydopus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus colpeteii (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus comptuloides Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus comtuliformis Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus comtulus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus coniferarum Guinb. & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cordillerensis Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cretacellus G.F. Atk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus crocodilinus group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus crocodilinus Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus crocopeplus Berkeley & Broom (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cruciquercorum Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cuniculicola Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cupreobrunneus (Jul. Schäff. & Steer) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus cupressophilus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus deardorffensis Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus depauperatus (F.H. Möller) Pilat (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus deserticola G. Moreno, Esqueda & Lizárraga (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus devoniensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus didymus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus diminutivus group (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus diminutivus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus diospyros B. Ortiz, Kerrigan & Skulan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus dulcidulus Schulzer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus eburneocanus T. Lebel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus elwhaensis A.H. Smith nom. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus endoxanthus Berk. & Broome (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus erythrosarx T. Lebel (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus essettei Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus evertens Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus fiardianus Callac & L.A. Parra (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus fissuratus (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus flavidodiscus L.A. Parra, Angelini & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus flavitingens (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus floridanus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus fuscovelatus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus griseicephalus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus haemorrhoidarius sensu auct. amer. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus haemorrhoidarius sensu auct. amer. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus heimii Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus hondensis Murrill (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus horakii Heinem. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus hupohanae Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus hupohanae Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus ignobilis Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus impudicus (Rea) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus inapertus Vellinga (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus incultorum Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus insignis Cooke & Massee (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus integer L.. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus iranicus Mahdizadeh, Safaie, M. Goltapeh, L.A. Parra & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus julius Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus kauffmanii A.H. Sm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus kerriganii L.A. Parra, B. Rodr., A. Caball., Martín-Calvo & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus kriegeri Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus kuehnerianus Heinem., (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lamelliperditus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lanatorubescens (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus langei (F.H. Møller) F.H. Møller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lanipes (F.H. Møller & Jul. Schäff.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus laparrae Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus laskibarii L.A. Parra & P. Arrill. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lepiotiformis Yu Li (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus leptocaulis Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lilaceps Zeller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus litoralis (Wakef. & A. Pearson) Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lodgeae L.A. Parra, Agnelini & B. Ortiz. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus luteopallens Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus lutosus F.H. Møller 1952 (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus martineziensis Heinem. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus martinicensis Pegler (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus megacystidiatus Karun., Guinb. & K.D. Hyde (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus megalocarpus Y. Gui, Zuo Y. Liu, Callac, L.A. Parra & K.D. Hyde (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus menieri Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus merrilli (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus micromegethus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus moelleri Wasser (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus moellerianus Bon (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus moronii Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus nanaugustus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus niveolutescens Huijsman (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus omotrichus Berk. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus osecanus Pilát (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus parkensis (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus parvitigrinus Guinb. & Callac (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus pattersoniae Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus pattersoniae Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus pequinii (Boud.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus perobscurus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus phaeolepidotus (F.H. Möller) F.H. Möller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus pilatianus (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus pilosporus Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus pinyonensis Isaacs nom. prov. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus placomyces Peck (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus porphyrizon P.D.Orton (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus porphyrocephalus F.H. Møller (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Agaricus porphyrocephalus var. pallidus Kerrigan (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amanita sect. Phalloideae (Fr.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Amanita sect. Validae (Fr.) Singer (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Antrodiella semisupina (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Ryvarden (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Aureoboletus Pouzar (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Cantharocybe gruberi (A.H. Sm.) H.E. Bigelow & A.H. Sm. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Chromosera cyanophylla (Fr.) Redhead, Ammirati & Norvell (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Inocybe sensu lato (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoantrodia angusta (V. Spirin & J. Vlasák) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Neoantrodia kmetii (Vlasák) Audet (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Pluteus Fr. (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))
Rossbeevera T. Lebel & Orihara (Chaelthomas (Chaelthomas))


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