Project: Monograph of the Lycoperdaceae and Geastraceae of California

Created: 2009-06-11

Owned By: Steph Jarvis (Steph Jarvis)

User Group: Monograph of the Lycoperdaceae and Geastraceae of California

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Summary: An all species analysis of the puffballs from California using macromorphology, micromorphology, and SEM. This study was focused on new collections and herbarium material from UCB, SFSU and HSU. As well, DNA sequence analysis will be used to illuminate ambiguous groups from California. Please send any puffballs (dried please) with location and detailed notes to Stephanie Jarvis. Contact her @ This will be published and available soon!

Here is a list of what is being published. If you think you have something other than on this list from CA, it might be very interesting! (Some of the names have updates, and two are new species. Vascellum is being dissolved and all 3 species from CA have been moved to Lycoperdon. Handkea is not recognized as a genus either.)

1. Abstoma townei

2. Bovista aestivalis
3. B. californica
B. colorata (unconfirmed)
B. dakotensis (unconfirmed)
B. flaccida (unconfirmed)
B. nigrescens (unconfirmed)
4. B. pila
5. B. plumbea
B. polymorpha (unconfirmed)

Bovistella dealbata (unconfirmed)

6. Calbovista subsculpta

7. Calvatia booniana
C. bovista (unconfirmed)
C. craniformis (unconfirmed)
8. C. fragilis
9. C. fumosa
10. C. lloydii
11. C. monticola
12. C. pachyderma
13. C. sculpta

14. Disciseda atra
15. D. brandegeii
16. D. candida
17. D. cervina
18. D. johnstonii
19. D. levispora
20. D. luteola
21. D. subterranea
22. D. uplandii

23. Lycoperdon curtisii
24. L. dermoxanthum
25. L. lloydianum
26. L. molle
27. L. nigrescens
28. L. perlatum
29. L. pratense
30. L. pyriforme
31. L. subcretaceum
32. L. umbrinum
33. L. utriforme
34. L. vernimontanum

35. Mycenastrum corium

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