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Species List: The Genus Pholiotina – Towards A New Global Monograph (2025)
When: 2021-12-30
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The Genus Pholiotina On Earth

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Pholiotina Fayod, Annls Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 7 9: 359 (1889)
Nomenclatural comment: Nom. rejic., see Arts 14.6, Ex. 5 and 14.7
Editorial comment: Rejected against Conocybe Fayod 1889.
MB/IF/SF all retain the current name of the genus Pholiotina as Pholiotina. Not Conocybe.

Index Fungorum Registration Identifier: 18265 [MB#18265]

As of 30-December, 2021, Index Fungorum shows 124 records when searching for Pholiotina by name. 108 records appeared when doing the same search on Species Fungorum. 157 names appeared when performing a basic name search using Taxon Name on Mycobank. The true number of confirmed Pholiotina species may be significantly lower than these numbers.

▥ This species list is a visual and literal attempt to assist whoever will take on the responsibility of writing a new, DNA-backed worldwide monograph for this interesting genus.

▥ There is a distinct possibility that novel anthropic medicines in some Pholiotina members are waiting to be discovered via advanced chemosystematics. Strong recommendation is now made to embrace a relevant study to determine if this is true.

▥ Microscopy is a vital aspect of Pholiotina taxonomy.

▥ Thorough macroscopic photography is also vital.

▥ You should be cautioned in advance that this genus has gotten all jacked up with the genus Conocybe. The present available literature can be daunting. These two genera require a knife-wielding splitter who can sanction appropriate genus descriptions that accurately distinguish them apart.

▥ Some of these names will also require updating on MO/MB/IF/SF/FF.

▥ It appears necessary to designate a replacement type species if this genus is to be viably extant.

▥ If it is better to embrace the creation of a new (third) genus to address species that share both Pholiotina and Conocybe taxonomic characters, then so be it.

▥ DNA Sequences:

▥ Let’s strive to find at least three macroscopic differences between each taxa – even if we have to be creative and learn new taxonomic characters that were previously un-noticed.

▥ If there is a lack of collections to study, along with travel restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, you may strongly benefit by asking skilled cultivators to send you collections of myceliums, sclerotias, and basidiocarps. Or you could grow them out yourself by asking for spore prints from mushroom hunters.

Type (Lectotype) Species:

Pholiotina blattaria (Fr.) Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique ser. 7, 9: 359 (1889) [MB#454003]. Pholiotina blattaria, is based on Agaricus blattarius Fr.:Fr. According to Flora Agaricina Neerlandica Volume 6, this name cannot be interpreted with certainty, and has been used for almost any annulate species of Pholiotina. Therefore, this name has been rejected as nomen dubium in FAN6. There are no known sequences of Pholiotina blattaria either. See:

However, when searching for nucleotide sequences using Agaricus blattarius, this appears: Conocybe blattaria. See When a search was conducted on IF for this name, five records appeared, as follows:
Conocybe blattaria sensu auct. eur., (also see Species Fungorum: Conocybe vexans)
Conocybe blattaria (Fr.) Kühner 1935, (also see Species Fungorum: Pholiotina blattaria)
Conocybe blattaria f. blattaria (Fr.) Kühner 1935
Conocybe blattaria f. dentata Kühner 1935
Conocybe blattaria f. exannulata Kühner 1935, (also see Species Fungorum: Conocybe exannulata)

Then we have another name: Pholiotina vexans P.D. Orton. This name was listed as synonymous with Pholiotina blattaria in “Infrageneric division of the genus Pholiotina – A Cassical approach.” There are a few sequences for this name. See:

IF lists Pholiotina vexans as a synonym of Conocybe vexans. See sequence listings:

Below: Pholiotina blattaria (may =Pholiotina vexans, =Conocybe vexans, =Conocybe blattaria)




Pholiotina sect. Cyanopodae
Pholiotina sect. Cyanopodinae Singer, Beih. Sydowia 16: 136 (1973)
Pholiotina sect. Intermediae
Pholiotina sect. Pholiotina Fayod 1889
Pholiotina sect. Piliferae Hauskn. & Krisai 2007. Editorial comment: See Pholiotina sect. Piliferae Kühner ex Singer, 1951, nom. inval., Art. 36.1
Pholiotina sect. Verrucisporae Singer 1973
Pholiotina sect. Vesiculosae E. Horak & Hauskn. 2002
Pholiotina sect. Vestitae (Watling) Hauskn. & Krisai 2007


Pholiotina subsect. Cyanopodae (Singer) Arnolds 2003
Pholiotina subsect. Cyanopodinae (Sing.) Arnolds
Pholiotina subsect. Intermediae (Watling) Arnolds 2003
Pholiotina subsect. Pholiotina Fayod 1889
Pholiotina subsect. Verrucisporae (Singer) Arnolds 2003

Starting Literature:
Page 180:

Genera That Require Comparative Consideration:


Continuing Literature:


Observed Species With High Confidence In Alphabetical Order:

Pholiotina aeruginosa (Romagn.) M.M. Moser 1978

Pholiotina aporos (Kits van Wav.) Clémençon 1976

Pholiotina arrhenii (Fr.) Singer 1973

Pholiotina brunnea (J.E. Lange & Kühner ex Watling) Singer 1973

Pholiotina coprophila (Kühner) Singer 1950

Pholiotina cyanopus (G.F. Atk.) Singer 1950

Pholiotina exannulata (Kühner & Watling) M.M. Moser ex Courtec. 1985

Pholiotina intermedia (Kühner) Singer 1936

Pholiotina rugosa (Peck) Singer 1948

Pholiotina smithii (Watling) Enderle 1999

Pholiotina teneroides (J.E. Lange) Singer 1936

Pholiotina utricystidiata Enderle & H.-J. Hübner 1999

Pholiotina vestita (Fr.) Singer 1936

Pholiotina vexans (P.D. Orton) Bon 1991

Can you or someone you know help us identify the following Pholiotina-related observations?

Would you like to perform DNA sequencing?

Interested in microscopy?

Primary Representatives Of Each Section (Type Species Of Each Section)

Section Cyanopodae = Pholiotina cyanopus
Section Cyanopodinae = Questionable Section
Section Pholiotina = Pholiotina blattaria
Section Piliferae = Conocybe pygmaeoaffinis
Section Verrucisporae = Pholiotina verrucispora
Section Vesiculosae = Pholiotina vesiculosa
Section Vestitae = Pholiotina vestita

Characters With Taxonomic Value For Stipitate-Lamellate Mushrooms:

Advanced Literature:


Note: Any corrections (or updates), eloquently advised, are welcome! Cheers!

This list contains no observations.


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