Species List: 2011 NAMA Annual Foray, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA (248)
When: 2011-08-07
Observations: 331

Notes: Species list for 2011 North American Mycological Association Foray.
Voucher Program crew at foray: Patrick Leacock (chair), Adele Mehta (recorder), Wyatt Gaswick. Photographers: Christian Schwarz, Erin Page Blanchard, Patrick Leacock. Post-foray assistance (uploading to Mushroom Observer): Martin Livezey, David Rust.


Voucher Report for the 2011 North American Mycological Association Foray

Clarion, Pennsylvania
August 4–7, 2011

The 2011 NAMA Foray, honoring Dr. Richard Homola, was held at Clarion University, Pennsylvania, and hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club. The previous NAMA foray in Pennsylvania was 1982. Chief Mycologist was Gary H. Lincoff. Participants explored many sites of mixed woods in Cook Forest State Park (119 vouchers), Clear Creek State Park (26), Clear Creek State Forest (7), Clarion County Park (23), Allegheny National Forest (13), State Game Lands 63 & 72 & 74 (84), and the Clarion University Campus (19).

Many thanks go to Adele Mehta, recorder, and the NAMA-sponsored voucher assistants Erin Page Blanchard (California), Wyatt C. Gaswick (Illinois), Christian F. Schwarz (California), and Kira D. Taylor (Washington). Also much thanks to the hard work and help of John & Kim Plischke, John & Becky Plischke, the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, and the other volunteers who gave of their time. We thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program. The NAMA specimens are accessioned into the permanent herbarium collection at the Field Museum of Natural History.

This species list has 301 taxa (genus, species, varieties) for Pennsylvania, comprising 38 ascomycetes (16 lichens), 252 basidiomycetes, and 11 myxomycetes. There were an additional 9 species and voucher specimens from Ohio and West Virginia (see end of list). The most diverse genera were Boletus (21), Amanita (17), and Russula (16). There are 327 voucher collections preserved from the foray. Identifications were made by 24 persons including Noah Siegel, Walter E. Sturgeon, Renee LeBeuf, Wyatt C. Gaswick, Dorothy C. Smullen, William C. Roody, Rodham E. Tulloss, Donna Mitchell, Patrick R. Leacock, Gary H. Lincoff, Erin Page Blanchard, Douglas K. Bassett, Alan E. Bessette. Three records do not have voucher specimens (*).

Submitted by Patrick R. Leacock, NAMA Voucher Collection Project, pleacock@fieldmuseum.org.


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