Species List: Bioluminescent Fungi (351)
When: 1980-01-01
Observations: 90


Known Taxa: (~81 total as of Decmber 2017)

Armillaria fuscipes Petch
Armillaria mellea (Vahl) P. Kumm. sensu stricto
= Armillariella mellea (Valh.) P. Karst.
Armillaria ostoyae (Romagn.) Herink
Armillaria solidipes Peck
Armillaria tabescens (Scop.) Emel
= Collybia tabescens (Scop.) Fr.
Dictyopanus pusillus var. sublamellatus Corner
Dictyopanus foliicolus Kobayasi
Favolaschia sp(p?). (Pat.) Pat.
Filoboletus manipularis (Berk.) Singer
= Mycena manipularis (Berk.) Metrod ´ nom. inval. [non
Mycena manipularis (Berk.) Sacc.]
= Poromcena manipularis (Berk.) Heim
= Filoboletus manipularis (Berk.) Singer
= Polyporus mycenoides Pat.
Filoboletus pallescens (Boedijn) Maas Geest.
Filoboletus yunnanensis P.G. Liu
Gerronema viridilucens Desjardin, Capelari & Stevani (awaiting recombination)
Lampteromyces luminescens M. Zang
Mycena sect. Galactopoda spp. (Earle) Maas Geest.
Mycena sect. Nigrescentes spp. Maas Geest. & de Meijer
Mycena sect. Rubromarginatae spp. Singer ex Maas Geest.
Mycena sect. Sacchariferae spp.
Mycena sect. Supinae spp. Konrad & Maubl.
Mycena aff. abieticola Singer
Mycena aspratilis Maas Geest. & de Meijer
Mycena asterina Desjardin, Capelari & Stevani
Mycena chlorophos (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc.
= M. cyanophos (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Sacc.
Mycena citricolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc.
= Omphalia flavida Maubl. & Rangel
Mycena daisyogunensis Kobayasi
Mycena deformis Maas Geest. & de Meijer
Mycena discobasis Métrod
Mycena epipterygia (Scop.) Gray
Mycena fera Maas Geest. & de Meijer
Mycena fusca Cleland
Mycena galopus (Pers.) P. Kumm.
Mycena globulispora Maas Geest. & de Meijer
Mycena haematopus (Pers.) P. Kumm.
Mycena haematopus var. marginata J.E. Lange
Mycena illuminans Henn.
= M. bambusa Kawam. nom. inval.
Mycena inclinata (Fr.) Quél.
= M. galericulata var. calopus (Fr.) P. Karst.
Mycena irritans E. Horak ( = Roridomyces?)
Mycena lacrimans Singer
Mycena lamprospora (Corner) E. Horak ( = Roridomyces lamprosporus (Corner) Rexer?)
= M. rorida var. lamprospora Corner
Mycena lucentipes Desjardin, Capelari & Stevani
Mycena luxaeterna Desjardin, B.A. Perry et Stevani
Mycena luxarboricola Desjardin, B.A. Perry et Stevani
Mycena luxperpetua Desjardin, B.A. Perry et Lodge
Mycena lux-coeli Corner
Mycena maculata P. Karst.
Mycena manipularis (Berk.) Sacc.
Mycena manipularis var. microporus A. Kawam. ex Corner
Mycena margarita (Murr.) Murr
Mycena noctilucens Corner
Mycena noctilucens var. magnispora Corner
Mycena oculisnymphae Desjardin, B.A. Perry & Stevani
Mycena olivaceomarginata (Massee) Massee
= M. avenacea (Fr.) Quel.
Mycena polygramma (Bull.) Gray
= M. parabolica (Fr.) Quel. ´ sensu Ricken
Mycena pruinosoviscida Corner ( = Roridomyces?)
Mycena pruinosoviscida var. rabaulensis Corner ( = Roridomyces?)
Mycena pseudostylobates Kobayasi
Mycena pura (Pers.) P. Kumm.
Mycena rosea ( Bull. ) Gramberg
Mycena rorida (Fr.) Quel. ( = Roridomyces roridus (Fr.) Rexer?)
Mycena sanguinolenta (Alb. & Schwein.: Fr.) P. Kumm.
Mycena silvaelucens B.A. Perry & Desjardin
Mycena singeri Lodge
Mycena stylobates (Pers.) P. Kumm.
= M. dilitata (Fr.: Fr.) Gillet
Mycena sublucens Corner ( = Roridomyces?)
Mycena tintinabulum (Fr.) Quel.
Mycena zephirus (Fr.) P. Kumm.
Neonothopanus gardneri (Berk. ex Gardner) Capelari, Desjardin, B.A. Perry, T. Asai & Stevani
= Pleurotus gardneri_ (Berk.) Sacc.
Neonothopanus nambi (Speg.) R.H. Petersen & Krisai
= Nothopanus eugrammus (Mont.) Singer sensu Corner non sensu Singer
Nothopanus noctilucens (Lév.) Singer
= Pleurotus noctilucens Lev
Omphalotus illudens (Schwein.) Bresinsky & Besl
= Clitocybe illudens Schwein.
= Panus illudens (Schwein.) Fr.
= Pleurotus facifer Berk. & M. A. Curtis
Omphalotus japonicus (Kawam.) Kirchm. & O.K. Mill
= Lampteromyces japonicus (Kawam.) Singer
= Pleurotus japonicus Kawam
Omphalotus mangensis (Jian Z. Li & X.W. Hu) Kirchm. & O.K. Mill.
= Lampteromyces mangensis J. Li & X. Hu
Omphalotus nidiformis (Berk.) O.K. Mill.
= Pleurotus nidiformis (Berk.) Sacc.
= Pleurotus candescens (F. Muell. & Berk.) Sacc.
= Pleurotus illuminans (Berk.) Sacc.
= Pleurotus lampas (Berk.) Sacc.
= Pleurotus phosphorus (Berk.) Sacc
Omphalotus olearius (DC.) Singer
= Pleurotus olearius (DC.) Gillet
Omphalotus olivascens H.E. Bigelow, O.K. Mill. & Thiers
Panellus gloeocystidiatus (Corner) Corner
Panellus luminescens (Corner) Corner
Panellus pusillus (Pers. ex Lév.) Burds. & O.K. Mill.
Panellus stipticus (Bull.) P. Karst.
Panellus violaceofulvus (Batsch) Singer
Pleurotus decipiens Corner
Pleurotus eugrammus var. radicicolus Corner
= Pleurotus lunaillustris Kawam. nom. inval.
Poromycena hanedae Kobayasi
Poromycena pallescens Boedijn
Prunulus purus (Pers.) Murrill
Resinomycena petarensis Desjardin, B.A. Perry & Stevani

Predicted to Have Luminescent Basidiomes:
Omphalotus mexicanus Guzman & V. Mora – CA
Omphalotus olivascens var. indigo Moreno, Esteve-Rav., Poder & Ayala – CA
Omphalotus subilludens (Murrill) Bigelow – NA
Pleurotus olivascens Corner – MS

Excluded, Doubtful or Insufficiently Known Taxa:
Collybia cirrhata (Schumach.) P. Kumm.
Collybia tuberosa (Bull.) P. Kumm.
Flammulina velutipes (Curtis) Singer
Fungus igneus Rumph. nom. inval.
Gerronema glutinipes Pegler
Locellina illuminans Henn. (not Mycena illuminans Henn.)
Locellina noctilucens Henn. (not Mycena noctilucens Henn.)
Marasmius phosphorus Kawam. nom. inval.
Mycena bambusa Kawam. nom. inval.
Mycena citrinella var. illumina Kawam. nom. inval.
Mycena microillumina Kawam. nom. inval.
Mycena phosphora Kawam. nom. inval.
Mycena photogena Komin. nom. inval.
Mycena yapensis Kawam. nom. inval.
Omphalia martensii Henn.
Omphalia noctilucens Rick
Panus incandescens Berk. & Broome
Pleurotus emerci Berk. nom. inval.
Pleurotus lux Hariot
Pleurotus prometheus Berk. & M. A. Curtis
= Pleurotus djamor (Rumph. ex Fr.) Boedijn [a non-luminescent species]
Polyporus noctilucens Lagerh.

All brown-spored agarics, boletes, polypores, corticioid fungi, gasteromycetes and ascomycetes reported in Table III of Wassink 1948, and parts A.2–A.3 of Wassink 1978.

D. E. Desjardin, A. G. Oliveira and C. V. Stevani, Fungi bioluminescence revisited, Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2008, 7, 170.

D. E. Desjardin, B. A. Perry, D. J. Lodge, C. V. Stevani and E. Nagasawa, Luminescent Mycena: new and noteworthy species, Mycologia, 2010, 102, 459.

D. E. Desjardin, M. Capelari and C. V. Stevani, A new bioluminescent agaric species from São Paulo, Brazil, Fungal Div., 2005, 18, 9.



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Xylaria??! AS IF!
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2017-12-07 04:27:47 IST (+0530)

I am kinda doubting Roridomyces roridus, too. I have material here with me, altho it’s getting a bit dry after four days in my fridge, and these things usually only glow in impeccable condition.

Has someone actually SEEN the CA material glow in the dark? I saw Alan’s Mexican species, but they are not the same.

By: Danny Newman (myxomop)
2017-12-07 04:00:05 IST (+0530)

The inclusion of Xylaria hypoxylon on various lists (including Wikipedia’s) is dubious. There are four references I can find that appear to have given rise to this notion:

Shimomura, O. 2011. Bioluminescence: Chemical Principles and Methods. World Scientific, Singapore.

“Harvey 1952” in Weitz, H.J. 2004. Naturally bioluminescent fungi. Mycologist 18: 4-5.

Foerster GE, Behrens PG & Airth RL. 1965. Bioluminescence and other characteristics of Collybia velutipes. Am. J. Bot. 52:487-495

Seas-Carvajal, C. & G. Avalos. 2013. Distribution of bioluminescent fungi across old-growth and secondary forests in a tropical rain forest in Costa Rica. Revista de Biología Tropical 61(2): 1-7.

At least two xylariologists, Dr. Roo Vandegrift and Dr. Yu-Ming Ju, do not believe X. hypoxylon or any known Xylaria to be bioluminescent.

This list somewhat misleading.
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2015-07-15 22:26:54 IST (+0530)

There has not been documentation of bioluminescence in NA collections of temperate Mycena that purportedly have bioluminescent mycelia ONLY in Europe.

This includes the following sp. listed here, with NA (not European) examples:
(From Brian Perry’s Bioluminescence article for the Mycena News, March, 2007)

“The mycelium of several additional temperate Mycena species (e.g., M. epipterygia, M. galopus, M. maculata , M. pura, M. sanquinolenta) have also been reported to luminesce in European collections, but this condition has not yet been confirmed for North American material.”

It would also be useful to note whether fruit bodies or merely mycelium bioluminesces.

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