Species List: The “Mutation” Collections (401)
When: 2013-03-26
Observations: 83


Hypothesis: In some mutations of gilled mushrooms a new generation of pluripotent stem cells emerge on the pileus surface. In some instances, this is a result of spores drafting to the pileus surface, followed by their germination and merging with already-present pileipellis cells. In some other instances, a phenotypic plasticity trigger is enducing differentiated pileus cells to backwards develop into undifferentiated cells, thus supporting the common mutation of a basidiocarp on basidiocarp. The literal kicking-up of substrate onto either the pileus or stipe further increases the likelihood of mutation.



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…should consider studying collections like these, and see what can be further grasped biologically – and ethically – to propel humans into true longevity. Better health now requires better medicines and treatments. Why not include mushrooms in new and creative lab experiments?

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