Species List: 2013 OMS Fall Mushroom Show (444)
When: 2013-10-20
Observations: 264

Notes: Specimens from the 2013 Oregon Mycological Society Fall Mushroom Show, 20 October 2013, at the World Foresty Center.
The following OMS people named the collections: Lorelei Norvell (Lorelei Norvell), Jan Lindgren, Judy Roger, Richard Bishop, Sallie Tucker Jones, Sava Krstic. We were helped by our guests Bart Buyck, Anna Bazzicalupo, Erin Page Blanchard, and Noah Siegel.
This list will use the following conventions for voting on specimen names: (a) anything initially identified to species or finer will be initially “Promising”; (b) others will be initially “Could Be”. These votes may later be changed.
Voucher is included for herbarium specimens.
Photographs are included for some specimens.


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