Species List: 2013 NAMA Annual Foray, Harriet, Arkansas, USA (491)
When: 2013-10-25
Observations: 136

Notes: Voucher Report for the 2013 North American Mycological Association Foray

Harriet, Arkansas
October 23 – 27, 2013

The 2013 NAMA Foray was held at Shepherd of the Ozarks, Harriet, Arkansas, and hosted by the Arkansas Mycological Society. Dr. Clark L. Ovrebo served as Chief Mycologist. Collecting areas included northeastern portions of the Ozark National Forest, the Buffalo National River, and the trails at Shepherd of the Ozarks conference center. This was the first NAMA foray in Arkansas, a poorly documented state. The polypore experts from the PolyPEET group of Clark University joined NAMA for their third expedtion of the year ( http://hibbettlablog.wordpress.com/... ). Many unusual and rare southern fungi were found, including Hexagonia hydnoides, Nigroporus vinosus, and the newly described Antrodia favescens. The Megacollybia with dark marginate gills was later determined to be Megacollybia subfurfuracea by Ron Petersen and Karen Hughes.

Many thanks go to Adele Mehta, recorder, and the NAMA-sponsored voucher assistants: Joshua M. Birkebak, Emma Harrower, and Brian P. Looney (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), and last minute replacement Andrew W. Wilson (Chicago Botanic Garden). Also much thanks to the hard work of foray host Jay Justice, and all the other volunteers who gave of their time. We thank the board and trustees of NAMA for their continued support of the voucher program. The NAMA specimens are accessioned into the permanent herbarium collection at the Field Museum of Natural History (F). Some specimens are in the care of other institutions.

This species list has 292 taxa (genus, species, varieties), comprising 19 ascomycetes, 272 basidiomycetes, and 1 myxomycete. The most diverse genera were Lactarius (14), Mycena (10), Russula (9), and Cortinarius (8). Identifications were made by 27 persons including Walter E. Sturgeon, Joshua M. Birkebak, Alan E. Bessette, Clark L. Ovrebo, Thomas J. Volk, Patrick R. Leacock, Otto Miettinen, Michael Kuo, Andrew S. Methven, Andrew M. Minnis, Anna Gerenday, D. Jean Lodge, Alfredo Justo, Emma Harrower, Brian P. Looney, David P. Lewis, Dimitri Floudas, Scott Bates, Ronald H. Petersen, and 8 others. There are 280 voucher collections preserved from the foray. In addition, Ron Petersen has 30 specimens at University of Tennessee, which added 13 taxa to this list {TENN}. Lichens were collected and will be listed in a future report. Taxa with more than one voucher specimen are indicated (2). Four listed records do not have specimens (*). Five collections were split with Otto Miettinen, Helsinki, Finland {H}.

Submitted by Patrick R. Leacock, NAMA Voucher Collection Project, pleacock@fieldmuseum.org.


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