Species List: Blue-Purple Resupinate Fungi (651)
When: 1980-01-01
Observations: 166

Notes: This species list is an attempt to corral the various resupinate to effuso-reflexed blue to purple things which we, Mushroom Observers, are having an understandably hard time putting decent names on, as in this California fungus, the unofficial mascot of the species list:

Some of the observations listed here are truly un- or under-identified, others are confidently identified, and are included for reference; a way of saying ‘this is what this species looks like.’

Depending on the observation, particularly how well we can see the fungus in question and if there is any microscopy or sequence data, any one of the following names could serve/has served as a good guess, to the extent that their gross macromorphologies overlap with one another:

Chondrostereum purpureum
Chromelosporium coerulescens
Corticium roseocarneum
Hypochnella violacea
Lopharia cinerascens
Pachyphlodes virescens
Peniophora violaceolivida
Porostereum crassum
Punctularia atropurpurascens
Skeletocutis lilacina
Terana caerula
Tomentella viridis
Trichaptum spp.
Tulasnella violea

At the time of writing, only one observation from this list has been sequenced. The discussion continues there, on the designated mascot observation, and in the comments of this species list.


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