Species List: Fungus on a Fungus (75)
When: 2008-11-28
Observations: 1085

Notes: Other species to look for:

Claudopus parasiticus (on Cantharellus subalbidus, Largent Entomoataceae text only; On Cantharellus, Trametes versicolor or Coltricia perennis, Noordeloos p. 1356 as Entoloma parasiticum)
Entoloma pseudoparasiticum (on Cantharellus cibarius & Craterellus lutescens; Noordeloos p. 1357)
Hypocrea avellanea (on Collybia subnuda; Halling p. 130)
Inocybe petiginosa (on Thelephora terrestris; Schalkwijk-Barendsen p 118)
Rhodocybe olympiana (on rotting fungi; A.H. Smith. 1941. Contr. Univ. Mich. Herb. 5: 13.)
Rhodocybe stangliana (on Lycphyllum?: Cetto vol 7:2718, MycoKey)
Squamanita contortipes (on Galerina; Ian Gibson)
Squamanita fimbriata (on Kuehneromyces mutabilis; Matheny & Griffith)
Squamanita odorata (on Hebeloma mesophaeum; Matheny & Griffith)
Squamanita paradoxa (on Cystoderma amianthinum or Cystoderma carcharias; Matheny & Griffith)
Squamanita pearsonii (on Cystoderma; Ian Gibson)
Squamanita phaelepioticola (on Phaeolepiota aurea; Matheny & Griffith)
Squamanita schreieri (on Amanita echinocephala or Amanita strobiliformis; Matheny & Griffith)
Squamanita umbonata (on Inocybe oblectabilis; Matheny & Griffith)
Tephrocybe tylicolor (on decaying fungi; Nortic Macromycetes p. 141)

Some suspected parasites on other fungi:

Amanita muscaria on Boletus edulis
Amanita muscaria might be parasitic on Chalciporus piperatus (or the other way around)
Buchwaldoboletus may be parasitic on Phaeolus schweinitzii
Chroogomphus ochraceus may be parasitic on Suillus fuscotomentosus
Chroogomphus pseudovinicolor may be parasitic on Suillus pseudobrevipes
Chroogomphus tomentosus may be parasitic on Boletus mirabilis
Chroogomphus vinicolor may be parasitic on Suillus pungens, Suillus luteus & Suillus salmonicolor
Chroogomphus sp. may be parasitic on Suillus flavidus
Chroogomphus sp. may be parasitic on Suillus tomentosus
Gomphidius glutinosus may be parasitic on Suillus ponderosus & Suillus caerulescens
Gomphidius oregonensis may be parasitic on Suillus caerulescens & Suillus ponderosus
Gomphidius smithii may be parasitic on Suillus punctatipes
Gomphidius subroseus may be parasitic on Suillus lakei
Gomphidius pseudoflavipes may be parasitic on Gastrosuillus sp.
Phylloporus arenicola may be parasitic on Xerocomellus diffractus (Mikhael Crystallah-Selk)


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