Species List: Renaissance Park (758)
When: 2015-01-21
Observations: 1


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By: Troy (Troy)
2015-01-21 14:52:40 MST (-0700)

this is for the fungi. We have different ideas of what constitutes a good observation but that’s OK.

Unfortunately I didn’t collect any samples of Omphalotus illudens (or anything else for that matter – oops) but I will start.

way to turn a compliment …
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2015-01-21 13:27:19 MST (-0700)

into a self-serving rant, Christian.

don’t you have better things to do with your time?

Species lists with photos
By: Christian (Christian Schwarz)
2015-01-21 12:26:54 MST (-0700)

for EVERY record are the kind Debbie likes to see, as well as some others.

But as we’ve discussed before, there are many ways of making valuable species lists and contributions to the North American Mycoflora project, not all of them necessarily involving photographs for every species.

A photo always makes an observation worth more. But the lack of a photo does not make an observation worthless. Suggesting that those who do not inlcude photos for every record are espousing a “mere trust me philosophy” is excessively denigrating and reflects a lack of nuanced understanding.

way to go, Troy!
By: Debbie Viess (amanitarita)
2015-01-21 09:46:19 MST (-0700)

this is exactly the sort of “species list” that we like to see up here on MO … one with photo documentation rather than a mere “trust me” philosophy. add in a vouchered specimen, and you are good to go for our
NA Mycoflora project, too!

thanks for helping to raise the bar.