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Species List: Medicinal Mushrooms of Washington State©DrewHenderson2015 (773)
When: 2015-02-23
Observations: 848

Notes: Medicinal Fungi This list is in no way created to treat, diagnose or imply use of any of these fungi for treatment of any creature (human or animal) unless prescribed by a licensed naturopath or physician. Some fungi on this list are actually toxic in large doses(and a few in even smaller doses). My hope is that this list simply be a starting point for those interested in entheogenic purposes/uses for fungi, a simple list of medicinally significant species, and their occurances in Washington State, as a whole. Other fungi on this list are not only medicinal in value but are delicious, as well. Although this list is dedicated to, and is documentation of species from locales here in Washington State, it should be noted that nearly every species listed and or very similar species,also occur on a global scale. This being compiled as exposure to the breadth of myriad possible uses for current and future medicines derived from them.

Here is a list of books on medicinal fungi I have found useful over the years:
Medicinal mushrooms- by Christopher Hobbs.
Mycelium running- by Paul Stamets.
The Fungal Pharmacy- Robert Rogers.
Reishi Mushroom- by Terry Willard.
In addition to these fine compilations of research there are hundreds of scholarly articles from various labs throughout the world online available on medicinal mushrooms.


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