Species List: Non-Stipitate Stereoid Fungi (995)
When: 1980-01-01
Observations: 1333

Notes: This species list narrows the definition of non-stipitate stereoid fungi as defined in G. Chamuris’ The non-stipitate stereoid fungi in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada to include only partially to fully reflexed taxa. Fully resupinate, smooth-hymenophored species are treated as corticioids (Corticiaceae sensu lato). That leaves us with the following genera:

Aleurocystidiellum (incertae sedis, Russulales)
Aleurodiscus (Stereaceae)
Amylostereum (Amylostereaceae)
Boreostereum (Gloeophyllaceae)
Chondrostereum (Meruliaceae)
Cystostereum (Cystostereaceae)
Cytidia (Corticiaceae)
Eichleriella (Auriculariaceae)
Hymenochaete (Hymenochaetaceae)
Hymenochaetopsis (Hymenochaetaceae)
Laurilia (Echinodontiaceae)
Laxitextum (Hericiaceae)
Lopharia (Polyporaceae)
Peniophora (Peniophoraceae)
Porostereum (Phanerochaetaceae)
Stereum (Stereaceae)
Veluticeps (=Columnocystis) (Gloeophyllaceae)
Xylobolus (Stereaceae)


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